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TapChief- A Platform that bridged the Gap between Students and Experts

TapChief- A-Company-Built-and-Sold-while-the Founders-Still-Attended-CollegeTapChief was a company built by a group of college students from the campus of Bits Pilani. They decided to make a difference by investing into a company to help people out. The main inspiration behind the foundation of TapChief was a genuine problem that most of the university students faced about not scoring enough for the exams they desire to conquer.

The primary reason behind not able to contact the experts and clearing the doubts was, technology had not worked enough to resolve this issue. Not finding one perfect solution to this problem, the group of students decided to build a product themselves. With all the programming skills taken up, they started working on Edivace, a product that can be used in the education system of various universities.

Many a times, they did not succeed in pitching their product right and got a polite no from the institutions. Meanwhile, the team met a bunch of people who had worked on a profile similar to this and had experience that helped them. Although all bugs were not fixed, the team filled some of the gaps and fixed some loopholes. With some progress made and things improved, the team won some competitions and gained recognition in the market.

After all the learning, the team launched a brand new page of the product describing how a student can connect to his mentor and remove all his or her doubts in seconds via chat. The landing page worked well, and a lot of students and tutors signed up for the service. And soon the team started travelling across cities to attend business meetings.

The Acquiring

Soon after the project reached a pretty good level both in the market and as a functional product, their advisors offered to take over the company. With all the paperwork done for this endeavor, the team worked hard to launch the product into the market before finishing their last semester in the college. Soon, they sold their first product Edvice or HashLearn Now.

On the Way to Grow

When all the efforts were put into the project, the team observed that people were using the app from early in the morning to late nights. The number of users rose alarmingly and soon; people started to pay for what they had built, and this raised hopes in the hearts of the developers. The team now attended business meetings in Delhi and Bengaluru and the product became a success with funds raised. They started meeting more experienced people and learned a lot from their experiences. The same team got started with a complete new project TapChief in their final year of college with all the experiences and learnings from the previous project.

In Feb 2016, the product TapChief was released into the market- connecting people.

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