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Monday , June 24 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- Business VPN by KeepSolid

Technology-Tools-product-review-business vpn by keep solid

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VPN is one of the most popular internet security mechanisms used across different industries. Several tools in the market today offers these service. One of such products is the Business VPN by KeepSolid. The tool provides reliable, secure and affordable VPN services. These services help a small or medium-sized company to address their security needs over its network.

The military-grade encryption of the Business VPN not just provides flexibility and speed, but also enables a better business performance without worrying about the security of the networks and its devices. The tool provides a robust service with a power pact control panel feature that gives you total control over your teams and servers. The vast array of the Business VPN servers offer excellent connection possible which results in an effective and effortless collaboration between the team members.

Editions and pricing

Price Duration Benefits
$11.99 per User per Month Monthly
  • Up to ten users
  • 1 Server
  • Accessible by 50 devices
  • Up to 400+ Servers in more than 70 locations
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Prompt Customer Support System

$11.33 per User per Month


  • 3 Dedicated Servers
  • Maximum 30 users
  • Accessible by 150+ devices
  • Up to 400+ Servers in more than 70 locations
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Prompt Customer Support System

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Control Panel
The control panel for the tool acts as a central area to manage its overall activities. This place allows you to handle the servers. This is done by assigning the VPN servers to the employees and team members. These members can be at distant or remote geographical locations all over the globe. The control panel also lets you know the current rate of server consumptions assigned to these teams or individual employees.

Here you can even manage your paid plans and generate more business opportunities. The control panel also lets you add more users by providing an “Add User” button in the top right corner of the screen. The control panel also lets you add a New Team or delete an existing one.

Managing Users
The Business VPN control Panel gives you access to the user section. Here you can see all the users you have added to the different teams. The section displays a list of all the team members along with names of their teams and the respective devices they are connected with. The feature also lets you add more users right from this place.

Server List
With the Business VPN by KeepSolid, you get your dedicated personal servers for your business. These help you to test your international products and their services for their performance. The private servers also help you to verify the business ad campaigns. The server list feature also lets you keep the Business VPN servers and the company servers separately making your work more organized. The server lists specify the server name with settings. The screen also displays the percentage of the server usage by the particular team using it.

The server list feature also lets you search a specific server if you have a long server list, by typing its name in the search box on the top right corner of the screen.

Corporate Data Protection
The Business VPN helps your business keep all its corporate data protected. The tool does this by securing your payments up to 256- bit encryption. The tool efficiently protects the data and payments within an organization as well as between the clients and its customers. Through the corporate data protection tool, the user can transfer or receive data over all its servers independently from any geographical location.

For this, the application uses a mobile app that has options for VPN, Account, Preferences, Information, and Write to Admin. The user can even contact the admin directly by clicking on the “Write to Admin” button.

Remote Collaboration
If your business has a vast array of servers and locations, it eliminates all the geographical limitations. The tool always provides the best connection no matter what is the work location. Business VPN also offers an option to choose between the fastest Private VPN servers available. With this tool, managers and employees can easily share files and folders across the globe.

Mobile Accessibility

Business VPN is available on mobile devices and platforms such as:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • MacOS, and
  • iOS

These mobile applications and that lets you work from anywhere.


Business VPN does not provide integration with any other platforms at present.


It provides support via:

  • Email
  • Contact forms
  • Video tutorial
  • Feedback
  • Learning Centre

Pros and Cons of Business VPN by KeepSolid


  • Provides data security with 256-bit military grade encryption techniques.
  • Provides access to blocked internet content by VPN throttling.
  • Creates ease in handling the team through the intuitive admin panel.
  • Unites the whole team with a single personal static IP.
  • Provides Intuitive Interface
  • Fast Customer Support.


  • Connection to the server gets lost in some remote regions.

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  • The Business VPN camouflages your VPN traffic as just the standard HTTPS online traffic. This feature is advantageous in the locations where access to the internet is restricted or outright unavailable.
  • This also blocks the malicious attempts made by organizations to prevent the use of VPNs in individual countries.

For more information, please visit the Business VPN by KeepSolid website.

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