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Monday , April 15 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- Pitch Data


Pitch Data can be your analytic partner for business. Every business, no doubt have an online presence these days. It is, therefore, important to pull in information about the online performance of your business to make informed decisions. Pitch data is an efficient platform for this job, the platform pulls in all the important data, maintains its security and gives you accurate insights about the online presence of your business.



Editions and Pricing

Pitch Data is currently in Beta version. The platform is expected to disclose its editions and Pricing plans in the near future.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

PitchData- AddStartupAdding a Startup
The application starts to work on your profile once you add a startup. For this, select the “Add Startup” option from the profile menu on the top right corner of the dashboard. A startup can be added filling in details such as:

  • Company Information
  • Startup logo
  • Startup Name
  • Your Role
  • Startup video URL
  • Stage of your Product
  • Startup Tagline
  • Description
  • Startup Headquarters
  • Business Model Revenue, and
  • Startup Head City
  • Target Market

PitchData- AddingaPitchDeckAdding a Pitch Deck
Once a startup has been added, you can add your pitch deck. The Pitch deck can be added by uploading the PDF file that contains all the necessary information.


PitchData- TrackingVisitorsTracking The visitors
Pitch Data tracks your visitors through your Google Analytics account. For this, you have to connect to your Google Account to let Pitch data pull in all the necessary details about the visitors. You can choose an account to import data about visitors from the list of profiles attached in the visitor’s section. These features have filters which can be used to filter out data on the basis of time slots from 30 days to 1 year.


PitchData- TrackingPotentialClientsTracking The Potential Clients
Unlike visitors, Pitch Data also tracks the Potential Clients for your website. The platform lets you enter your work email id where you can be notified when data integration is ready. The Potential Clients section displays statistics similar to that displayed for tracking the visitors with details for:

  • Last Month
  • Current
  • Last month
  • Last Six Months
  • Past Three Months, and
  • Last Year

PitchData- TrackingPotentialInvestorsTracking the Potential Investors
Pitch Data have unique capabilities to track your business Potential Investors. The section displays a visual analytic view of your potential investors from duration ranging from current time slot to that of the last year.


PitchData- ConnectingtheRevenueDataConnecting the Revenue Data
Pitch Data connects with platforms such as Stripe or Braintree that deals in with payments and revenue associated with your business. Pitch Data makes it simple for you. All you need is to connect with these two profiles to know about your revenue performance. This feature can help you take better, informed and timely decisions.



Pitch Data connects with a number of platforms to pull in data to display it on a single platform. For this, the tool integrates with platforms such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Stripe
  • Braintree


  • The application provides a separate FAQ section to help users and visitors know about Pitch data and its applications.
  • Pitch Data also offers online chat support for instant help.
  • For additional details, the application also offers email support.

Pros and Cons of PitchData


  • One single place that is easily accessible to view data and analytics.


  • The platform lacks the feature to add more than one startup for cases where customers may wish to manage analytics for more than one project.
  • The application lacks feature to download analytics information in the form of Excel sheets.

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  • Simple interface pulling out precise and easy to visualize data.
  • Interactive filters helps to pull down information as required.

For more details, please visit Pitch Data website.

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