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Thursday , July 18 2024

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BI Tools Product Review- Datadeck

bi-tools-product-review-datadeckDatadeck one of the top Business intelligence tool which collects your business data and blends it in real time for beautiful visualization in templates and widgets. The tool encourages transparency and team unity by making the same data accessible to everyone so that all your company staff regardless of their technical expertise can be on the same page and make decisions together.

They can get the answers to their all of their inquiries through an internal search engine. You can jointly solve the problems faced by your company. Datadeck quick processes your data and delivers results in a way that only the questions related to the issues you are interested in at the moment are answered.

Editions and Pricing

Datadeck is in beta, so you will not be charged for using it at present.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Datadeck_DataBlendingData Blending
Datadeck securely connects with your data sources, it keeps updating this data every time you’re need it. It gives you insightful information from a diverse data put together in one data source so that your can make wiser decisions without spending long hours on putting together KPI reports.


Datadeck_DataVisualizationData Visualization
Datadeck lets you present data to your clients and team members impressively. You can use this tool for creating beautiful visualizations for your business data.



Datadeck_TeamCollaborationTeam Collaboration
Having cohesive teams that make decisions together is essential for bringing a company forward. The only way to strengthen their unity is by encouraging frequent communication. But, this communication often gets hindered when the team members are at remote locations. Datadeck solves this problem by providing easy options for online sharing and discussions.

Pros and Cons of Datadeck


  • You can connect to any data source with just a single click.
  • Real time tracking of all of your marketing campaigns in a single dashboard.
  • Fully customizable platform.


  • Integration with social media platforms will enhance the capabilities of this tool.


Datadeck puts all departments of your organization in sync with each other through its beautiful dashboard and the capability to provide real-time access to different data sources. It enhances productivity and keeps your company organized. In future, Datadeck will grow into a fully customizable platform; no another tool has this feature.

For more details. please visit Datadeck website.

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