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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- Trace

Technology-Tools-Product-Review-TraceTrace is a micro service monitoring system from RisingStack, dedicated to developers. It controls all your application’s microservices including transaction tracking, monitoring, alerts, and infrastructure visualization. Through Trace, it is effortless to identify errors or issues running on your application’s architecture.

With its visualization, see the workflow of the services and get a better view of them at any point in time. To get start with Trace, insert a single line of code into the root directory of your application. Users can set their own controllers to Trace, or run collectors on the servers of it after obtaining an API key.

Editions and Pricing

Startup $99 /month Maximum 1000 errors a day 3 days of data retention
Pro $19 /month/process Maximum 5000 error/process a day 14 days of data retention
Enterprise Contact Team Flexible error number Flexible Data Retention

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Trace_Distributed_Tracing_and_DebuggingDistributed Tracing and Debugging
Trace app gives you a fine and clean timeline graph that represents the insight functionality of the service in your system. Looking at the timeline, you can clearly understand the cause of any occurring failure, connection issues, and bad status codes. The different symbols represent different states; you just need to keep your mouse over them and they will display the message. Get detailed information about transactions that have errors and search for a particular error fast through filters like request id, root endpoint and time.


Trace_Service-TopologyService Topology
The app offers you a topology graph showing overall condition of all your services. The service map automatically updates itself, so you do not need to make changes as the functionality of services proceeds. The map displays interactions within your application including the database connectivity and 3rd part APIs communication. Receive map with customized display options and you will get to know every service and response in details.



Trace_Performance_MonitoringPerformance Monitoring
With Trace’s performance analysis, extract information about all the key entities performs in the service like Response time, Throughput, Memory usage, Garbage collection and Event Loop. Get comprehensive report over associated resources with their precise metrics. The app offers the metrics for individual service one at a time so that you can fully optimize the outcomes.



Trace has an alerting facility whereby a user can set custom alerts regarding critical issues in the services. Set thresholds for warning and criticality and receive automatic notification when a service pass them. Attach the alerts with targeted channel among the present ones to receive notifications through.


Mobile Accessibility

Trace cannot run on mobile platforms.


The app allows integration with Slack, Opsgenie, Webhook, and Pagerduty.


You can find documentation part in the app to get help or you can connect via email.

Pros and Cons of Trace


  • Automatic tracking for errors and causes.
  • Customized display options.
  • Alert notifications.
  • Search errors using filters.


  • Specifically, the app is for developers’ use only.


The simple and effective app traces the errors in services of your application and represents them in various comprehensive ways. Trace lets you view the internal communication of your software and help in making better decisions about microservices.

For more details, please visit Trace website.

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