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Monday , April 15 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- StoryBase

Marketing tools-product-review-storybaseThe world is full of digital content day by day and in knowing the audience is critical to writing any content. StoryBase is that companion who will help the users in their struggle to create more relevant, shareable content. StoryBase is an easy-to-use resource which helps the users to create simple insights out of complex data.

It frees you from unwanted and complex graphs and numbers and focuses only on the ideas that matter. It provides with the question, phrases, words and audience related to your search to frame an easily searchable and presentable content. StoryBase collects data from google, facebook, bing, yahoo, twitter and Wikipedia.

Editions and Pricing

The application has three versions, free, plus and pro.

Editions Pricing (per month) Features
Free $0
  • For exploring, testing and evaluating.
  • Up to 10 results per search
  • Ten searches/month
Plus $9 ( $5 per month on annual payment )
  • For professionals.
  • Up to 400 results per search
  • Unlimited searches
  • Access to Audience
  • Export to CSV (up to 1000 m phrases)
Pro $99
  • For agencies.
  • Up to 1000 results per search
  • Unlimited searches
  • Access to Audience
  • Export to CSV (up to 3000 m phrases)

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The questions feature shows the user the most frequently asked question displaying the popularity on the question based on the locality. Knowing the most shared and frequent question allows the users to write their content answering the numerous questions.



The sentences for the words is displayed based on the locality. The most popular phrases on the go to allow the users to brainstorm your content around the phrases.



The words are the most important part of any content. The more the use of modern world the more attention the content gets. Search and know the most famous words related to your term.




Knowing the audience is critical to frame any content. The users can know the type of audience interested in any content. The audience feature provides a demographic view of people interested in any article. The audience feature is available only for the paid account and not for a free account.


product_review_story_base_saved_searchSaved Search
The users can save their search results for future references.





product_review_story_base_exportExport to CSV
The users can add the results to favourites and export them as a CSV file.



Mobile Accessibility

There are no mobile applications available for this request so far. The users can still use this in the mobile browsers.


The application does integrate with any other applications or services.


The application provides support through email and also allows the users to send a message to your email address.

Pros and Cons of StoryBase


  • Easy and straightforward to use.
  • Easy to find big data.
  • Targeting the audience.
  • Can save the search and the favourites.


  • The search results show big data based only on USA and Denmark data.


Providing the bloggers, copywriters, content marketers and SEOs of all styles and sizes with the big data to make their content even stronger makes it stand out of the crowd.

For more details, please visit StoryBase website.

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