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Monday , April 15 2024

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3 Things You Can Learn From the Way Fortune 500 Brands Use Instagram  

3-Things-You-Can-Learn-From-the-Way-Fortune-500-Brands-Use-Instagram Social platform – Instagram is taking the popularity of brands to another level. The platform is widely used in the world from a common man to multi-millionaire enterprises. Well, everyone uses it with the same purpose of gaining popularity. Instagram is light and handy for an average person. How are the big companies making their name using the tool?

According to a report from TrackMaven based on last year’s Instagram accounts, most of the leading brand names are from Fortune 500. The story throws light over the tactics these brands use Instagram for acquiring a high number of loyal followers and more popularity. Some of which are mentioned below to reach broad audience and creating user engagement for your brand:

Make a Difference With Comments

Instagram supports two ways for getting reactions of other users; Likes and Comments. The post must be active and engaging to grasp comments, while people more like to ‘like’ the posts. Note that comment is valuable for your branding as it has the power to engage more users by tagging them. Every friend tag by a single user will correspond to more spreading of your product.

Although this is not as simple as saying, but incorporating some tactics can help such as serving your post with emotional appeal, recommended by interior design startup Homepolish. When people feel connecting with the post, it will result in more user engagement.

Catch Up On Weekends

Instead of posting more on any weekday, try to save your data for weekends too. Fortune 500 brands usually follow this suit to gain more customer acquisition. People tend to free on weekends, and therefore this would be the right time to seek their attention. Well, this should not be the only days to reach your audience, but can effectively add followers to your company. Also, weekend posts receive less competition due to less traffic and thus, suitable for you to raise your audience.

Night Schedule For Posting

Time is powerful.

Fortune 500 brands have increased their posts’ value by 88 percent by posting between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.; contrast to which if you post between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. there are chances of more user engagement raising from average of 6 to 9 percent for a post than an ordinary post. Make use of time in the right way by choosing an appropriate time to target your customers and deliver relevant content.

The Bottom Line

Besides, what most important are to understand your customer’s requirement and take actions accordingly. Focus on their needs, follow your analytics and deliver a satisfying product to them, maintaining a healthy relation for the long run.

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