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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- Wia

Technology-Tools-product-review-wiaWia is a cloud based platform that provides a powerful and scalable backend for developers for their IoT solutions. Wia was founded by Conall Laverty. It provides an API where you can create your device each of which is given a unique key and token to allow you to connect to the cloud. With wia you don’t have to fuss over maintaining servers, creating databases and spending long hours developing the code. It takes away the associated complexities so that you can focus on building innovative applications by bringing your ideas to life in just a few minutes.

Wia has a robust, clean API that takes care of all the tasks whether it is sending sensor data or controlling actuators. It lets you create production ready solutions without being concerned about storage, server management and data replication.

You can access all of its features via the online dashboard or through a REST API. The platform is built around MQTT protocol which establishes a two way communication and can be used with limited bandwidth networks.

Editions and Pricing

The app is currently in beta and is available for a free trial

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

wia-logsReal Time Logs
It provides a sub 100ms latency which allows passing of message quickly. So, you can easily monitor the event data and solve the problems that arise.



Wia provides automated analysis of event data so that you can quickly respond to a particular event in real time.

Wia handles all the processing tasks associated with millions of API calls so that you can concentrate creating innovative products.

Wia allows the storing and querying of millions of events from any device around the globe without dealing with the complexities of setting up databases and servers.



Availability Information
It allows you to identify the devices which are online. You can configure it to receive notifications in case a change occurs.

Offline Sync
Wia allows you to work smoothly even when you don’t have a constant internet connection by maintaining your data locally and syncing it when the connection is available.


With wia you get to track a data point in real time and have beautiful visualizations of the patterns associated with your data.



 wia-librariesNative Libraries
Wia uses lightweight and fast SDKs which are able to work under constrained hardware environments.



Wia provides enterprise grade security. The communication between device and the cloud is encrypted. You can also block a device with revocable API keys.

System Stats
You can keep tracking the status of CPU, RAM and network usage so that you are assured of the well-being of your device.


Here, you can interact with your account, track real time events and manage devices.




Pros and Cons


  • The SDKs and libraries enable you to integrate with not just the existing systems but also enable you to create your own dashboards and mobile apps.
  • Enables you to track a data point in real time using analytics.
  • You can invite and remove team members and also manage their access rights.


  • Lacks some features offered by competitors like IBM IoT Foundation Platform and AWS IoT.


Wia removes the complexity and cost associated with building a real time IoT solution. Unlike its competitors, all the software required by a developer whether it is cloud platform or the libraries required to build the applications are available at one place.

For more details, please visit: Wia website.

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