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Thursday , July 18 2024

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What are the Three Ways to Secure Wearable Technology at the Workplace?

What-are-the-Three-Ways-to-Secure-Wearable-Technology-at-the-WorkplaceWearable technology is emerging within the office culture at a fast speed. No wonder, technologies are going more advanced and companies too as they are allowing employees to bring their own device. They can not only bring their own applications to the workplace but also wear their own device in the form of smart watches and fitness bands.

Therefore, the arrival of wearable technology along with more comfort and ease is inviting new security threats and vulnerabilities. Each of the connected devices will allow hackers to obtain sensitive data. It signifies that wearables are going to suffer the worst security problems due to many personal data stored within them. In such cases, it is important to ensure the protection of personal and corporate data.

Following tips will assist on how to secure data accessed and stored on wearable technology:

Separate Enterprise Data with Personal Data

Using mobile devices can be a risk as they make data easy to move from one place to another. This is not the only risk for the device owners but also enterprise if employees are bringing the unsecured devices at the workplace for work purposes. Thus, it is advisable to keep company data in separate place and the company encrypted devices have made it possible to control the free rotation of data.

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It calls for a requirement that companies should tackle the flow of data that goes towards wearable technologies. For instance, allow only email subject line to view on smartwatches instead of giving complete access to emails. To secure any mobile technology at the workplace, it will be good to keep an enterprise data separate from personal data.

Don’t Take Data For Granted

Tablets, wearable technology, and other such devices do host a lot of information that can put corporations at risk. For example, the GPS technology can track your location on where you work, what places you visit and every place you stop by in your way. In addition, those who are looking to hack your company and bank account details can do it easily by hacking your wearable devices. Not only the thieves and blackmailers but also the competitors who are eyeing on your prospective business deals. Do not risk even the data which you think is not very important.

Focus on Features over Style

The most popular mobile operating system today have enhanced and improved over the past few years for many reasons. Mobile manufacturing companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft has been in the process of delivering a great user experience to customers. Therefore, every time they are into a new launch, they aim to provide extensions that are powerful outside the office.

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Moreover, users are not only interested to see a better user interface. They are interested in a mobile operating system that provides the best source of security. If we go back to the first wave of wearables, it was more for normal consumers rather as a business technology. However, another wave was focused on enterprise workers for productive mobility. It means there were more security features and provided a better way to access sensitive data. It is quite clear that selection of technology should be based on security features and not the style offerings.

The Bottom Line

Conclusively, if wearable devices are used authentically and with appropriate security measures, they can empower work procedures and the environment. Keep in mind the above tips before bringing wearable devices at the workplace.

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