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Monday , June 24 2024

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Zirtual- The story of virtual assistants

Zirtual-The-story-of-virtual-assistantsZirtual is a concept about a team of certified and capable professionals that assist clients by doing their assigned task virtually; the concept was primarily founded by the startup.co platform. Startup.co helps startups get customers, press, mentors, and funding. Zirtual offers virtual assistants (VA) to the clients to perform the assigned task which maybe for work or maybe personal life tasks.

The concept base

Zirtual hired US based college graduates and highly trained assistants to do the job. They made the team of professionally trained and proficient with all the major productivity suites, so that they can serve the clients as required.

In the output, the team came up to the surface being ambitious, smart and great personalities. Every member was such skilled, upbeat and courteous that clients could not stop praising. Even if the client found that their VA isn’t right fit, an immediate replacement took place with one Email only. All the VAs were certified and trained by Zirtual.

How it Worked

The most appreciable thing of Zirtual was the VA’s capabilities that covered a broad range of usability and functionality. It all started with the research- VAs were capable of identifying potential investors and client prospects. They helped with co-working in the office space as well as preparing the research reports.

The VAs were also helpful for the content creators, they developed social and blog posts and created SEO content. They were good at scheduling meetings and Email system. When clients needed to travel, the VAs helped to optimize their flights and arranged pick up services. When it came to collect data, the VAs did the task the way like never seen before, they organized details of the contacts and created charts of CRM data. For the personal life tasks, Zirtual seamlessly played a vital role. The VAs were very helpful for planning, scheduling and accountability.

The Zirtual has a long list of tasks that VAs can’t perform as well, such as legal, accounting and HR that require more specialized roles, team management, and inbound calls.

How it got built up

Zirtual was never one of the artificial intelligence products, the VAs also get fixed holidays. The pricing model seems affordable for small business, entrepreneur and startups and that is because the cost is quite low as compared with a contract plan or a full time employee. The clients of Zirtual were pretty satisfied with the VAs capabilities and professional behavior. The client list involves influential people as well, some of them are Soma water, Fitstar, airPR, Tim and Pang Chang and Jenny Blake.

The Bottom Line

Zirtual is still going to achieve new milestones of success. The VAs simplify your work and personal life like never seen before, some of the clients said that they couldn’t imagine life without Zirtual.

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