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Friday , May 24 2024

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What the IoT landscape will look like in 5 years

What-the-IoT-landscape-will-look-like-in-5-yearsInternet of things(IoT) has recently taken up pace in the rundown of technology of the future and has mostly accurately achieved the first rank. With smart machines on the rise and a device mesh backing it, internet of things is not seeming as a concept hard to achieve.

With smart machines on the rise and a device mesh backing it, internet of things is not seeming as a concept hard to achieve.

Though the complexity has not reached to what was proposed but many examples of rudimentary systems have emerged and they are likely to face a steep expansion in the coming lustrum.

The expanding mesh of connected devices

It hasn’t been long since high speed connectivity and smart sensor technology took a leap in computing and became a trend. Voice signal processing has also become so refined that systems designed using artificial algorithms can easily process your voice commands even if spoken form a distance. According to Gartner, in the coming 5 years there will be approximately 25 billion connected devices using the IoT. This is a startling ratio of about 9 devices to one human being. Smart offices and Smart houses are going to be a common sight with extensive compatibility among devices making the entire planet a global hub and smart cities, yes, smart cities sprouting up here and there.

IoT in Healthcare

Healthcare itself is a big market and contributes a lot to the revenue. We are already on the verge where robots are being utilized for complicated surgical procedures but taking IoT under the fold will totally makeover healthcare as we perceive it. A recent research with the title “IoT Healthcare Market- Global Trends and Forecast – 2016-2022″ predicts that IoT is will expand at a CAGR of 42% and have a tremendously positive impact on the healthcare sector. The growth will be more targeted in Asia Pacific region as there is more emphasis on advanced healthcare technology than anywhere else in the market. High integrity sensor systems with motion detectors and complex robots will be dominating the healthcare units.

Advanced Fortified Security

IoT is going to remodel the security systems with complex sensors and accurate weapons. Warfare techniques will be highly mechanized including unmanned fighter jets and precision specific defense systems with the power to locate hostile actions using artificially intelligent algorithms. Security aspects are going to get modified even on a much lower scale as well like in homes and offices where the centrally deployed system will keep a check on who is permitted inside the premises and raise alarms accordingly. It is also proposed that this system security will not be limited to just a building and can also be extended to connect vehicles which will make it easier to track where a certain vehicles is. The system will also be programmed to inform relatives if a specific person travelling in connected vehicle meets with an accident.

Leap in 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing is sure to revolutionize the traditional manufacturing process and with the assistance of IoT it will produce highly customized products exactly according to the client’s needs. The sensors system incorporated in a specific IoT will analyses the requirement parameter of any products thus providing the outline for CAD designers to prepare suitable layout for the product required. This technology will take interior designing and architecture to a whole new level.

The Bottom Line

There are no set parameters to evaluate the increase IoT is expected to experience. It simply is omnipresent and will slowly creep into all the spheres of life in just a couple of years. Because it is expected to receive cheap high speed internet connections in the years to come, Internet of Things will become really easy and efficient to implement giving many organizations an edge. Complete automation and mechanized process will rule the production market like never before.

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