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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Collaboration app Product Review – Mobilimeet

Collaboration-Tools-Product-review-MobilimeetMobilimeet is one of the top collaboration app that helps the user to have more systematic and productive meetings. The app is developed by a company based in Stockholm founded by Joachim Lerulf. The app ensures more active involvement of team members in all stages of a meeting starting from planning to execution. It can be used for any meeting, whether it is the team meeting, management meeting, status meeting or some other kind.

This collaboration app or tool simplifies the process involved in all the different stages of a session starting from planning it, preparing for it, properly executing it and also the follow-ups. It brings all the activities and discussions related to a meeting at a single place.

One can easily create agendas and share them, upload document, so you don’t have to circulate them through email attachments. It also informs the user about whether or not someone is attending the meeting as it integrates with the calendar. With Mobilemeet, you can easily collaborate with your co-workers.

Editions and Pricing

Mobilimeet offers three pricing plans, free, team and enterprise. All plans are available for a free 30-day trial. Small businesses can go for the team project which you can get at $20 per user per month when charged annually. The monthly plan will cost you $24 per month.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Mobilimeet_InteractiveMeetingsInteractive Meetings
Mobilimeet provides a solution that can get everyone involved. It lets you stay updated with the information, whether a person will be attending the meeting. Participants can interact during the planning and preparation for the meeting and with the follow-ups after the meeting. By allowing the participants to contribute at any point in discussions or sharing of documents, Mobilimeet lets you have more productive meetings.


Mobilimeet_MeetingAgendaMeeting Agenda
Mobilimeet allows you to convey a clearer and detailed meeting agenda to the participants so that there is no room for confusions. The members can follow along as the modules get completed and are immediately notified if there are some changes. It maintains the efficiency of the meetings and keeps them on track.



Mobilimeet_StayInformedStay Informed
Mobilimeet allows the participants to have all the discussions related to a meeting at one place. Participants will get the location information and also the directions. They will be informed about any changes right in time.



Mobile Accessibility

Mobilimeet is accessible on all devices and is also having iOS app so that the participants can have access to the meeting details, agenda, messages and all anytime regardless of where they are.


The tool integrates with Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.

Pros and Cons of Mobilimeet


  • It provides security of communication.
  • Available for desktop PCs as well as mobile devices.
  • It Brings your meeting activities at one place.
  • Provides easy access to documents anytime, anywhere.


  • Provides features to manage the prerequisites and follow-up of a meeting, but no options to conduct them online.

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Mobilimeet allows greater involvement of team members in all stages of a session from planning to execution. Using this app, you can schedule meetings on the go and keep all the related discussions, documents and information accessible to the participants. It helps in increasing the productivity and efficiency of a meeting.

For more details, please visit Mobilimeet Website.

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