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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- TalkSpirit

Collaboration-tools-Product-review-TalkSpiritTalkSpirit is a collaborative tool that is designed to boost teamwork within an organization. This web-based application lets you do everything that you needed to collaborate in groups or with the team, whether it is instant messaging, file sharing or guest access. The tool is aimed to serve small business teams, helping them to look professional and building team-work simultaneously.

The tool has a powerful integration with many other apps such as Facebook, OneDrive etc., so that one can easily share the files from any app they use. It is completely different from social media networking apps while delivering the similar things.

Editions and Pricing

Currently, the tool is running free version with unlimited users and chat messages since it is released. TalkSpirit will launch its editions and pricing soon.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_talkSpirit_guest _accessGuest Access
The tool allows to invite your clients and customers to join open or private groups as your needs. You can engage them in a very interactive manner with group talks. Guests only have access to the groups you select.


product_review_talkSpirit_secure_accessAuthentication and Secure Access
The tool lets you access data files securely and manage the rights of admin. You can manage groups or members by their domain names so that you ensure about authenticity of the information shared.



Product_review_talkSpirit_file_sharingFile Sharing
The tool is not only featured with file sharing option, but also it allows to use drag and drop facility to share. It makes file sharing as the coolest feature while attaching files just by one click.



product_review_talkSpirit_instant_messaging Instant Messaging
Apart from post and updates, the tool enables you to send messages instantly (live chat) also. You can send unlimited messages in the chosen groups.



The tool is tailored to meet your requirements, you can customize the app using right themes, colors and logo of your choice. It is also easy to manage several groups.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool is available on iOS and Android and accessible via iPad, iPhone and any compatible device.


The tool has tight integration with Facebook, Twitter, Zapier, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive etc., that makes it a handy collaboration tool.


The tool support via email or via phone call.

Pros and Cons of TalkSpirit


  • Customization is the stand out feature.
  • User friendly interface and easy to understand.
  • Secured and authentic communication.


  • It takes time to use it at its full potential and pace.


TalkSpirit is the tool of its own kind. Small business need not to use social media sites for communicating with the team. The tool is capable to fulfill all the requirements of communication and collaboration, whether it is with clients or with the team member. They can create multiple groups on one profile. Exceptional!

For more details, please visit Talkspirit website.

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