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Monday , June 24 2024

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HR Tools Product Review- Time Tracking by primaERP

HR-Tools-Product- review-primaERPprimaERP is a cloud based application that serves the purpose of time-tracking, attendance and billing for tasks and projects. The software is developed by ABRA Software a.s. This software can help you measure time and its monetary value on an hourly basis.

It is designed around coders, designers, lawyers, professions that generally bill on the basis of the hour. It enables the users to generate reports, bills and analyze the efficiency of work. The software has 3 modules: Time Tracking, Attendance and Billing. It is a time management tool that allows you to keep track of performance using a variety of graphs and reports. You can also filter the information displayed according to the way you want.

It supports teamwork, multiple people can use it from a single account. Project managers can use this software to keep track of the different tasks performed by team members.

Editions and Pricing

The online software is available for free for up to 3 users in the Attendance and Time Tracking modules and for 1 user in the Billing module. The Attendance module charges 9 USD per month for every 10 additional users. While the fees for Time Tracking and Billing are 4 USD per month for every single additional user. If you choose to opt for the yearly plan, you will get a 17% discount on the prices. Furthermore, if you go for the 3 year plan, 30% discount is offered on each of the three modules. Registration is free.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

You can use this app offline too, it will automatically synchronize once you’re online again. Also, there’s a close interconnection between Attendance and Time-Tracking modules. It is a cloud based software, hence, it is available anytime, anywhere.

HR-primaERP-calendar-agendaTime Tracking
You can use the calendar view to easily record the amount of time spent or you could select agenda view to smoothly switch from one task to another. This app allows you to easily track time for your project and activities. The app can be integrated with a number of programs like Basecamp, MS Outlook or Google calendar. You can just drag the activities from Google calendar into the primaERP calendar.

The overview can be seen from the timesheets in a clear and simple manner. It is easy to record attendance. Employees can easily go through their timesheets to see the amount of time they spent daily or monthly. The timesheets can also be emailed via this app.

Support for Teamwork
The Time Tracker has a number of features supporting teamwork. You can easily compare the time spent with the scheduled timings to see how much time and efforts are required to meet the targets. You can get the overview from team and project reports.

Data Analysis
This app enables you to analyze your data better as the different modules can be integrated with one another. The overview and reports from Time Tracking allow you to look at the data closely while you can assign and evaluate the costs involved from the billing module.

You can convert the time spent from Time Tracking into money by preparing a detailed pricelist in the billing module. The module allows you to customize your bills, quickly assign hourly rates, according to the type of work and get an overview of the billed/unbilled time. The bills can be customized by adding a signature or logo. You can also revise the prices of the time records. The bills can be sorted to view those belonging to a particular client, or those which are yet to be approved. You can get a clear overview of the time you’ve billed and the ones that are yet to be billed.

Pros and Cons of Time Tracking by primaERP


  • No limitations on time or functions for freelancers.
  • Easy integration with a number of programs like Google Calendar, Trello or Basecamp.
  • Can be easily accessed on a webpage, Chrome plugin as well as on mobile.


  • Might be expensive for large teams as it charges on per user basis.
  • No native desktop app


primaERP is a valuable software for both personal as well as business use. It is a great tool for tracking the productivity from the time spent on different activities. The tool is ideal for startups, small businesses and all the professions that bill by the hour like lawyer, psychiatrists, consultants etc. It supports a number of languages, including English, German, and Spanish etc. It helps your business with easy capturing of time entry in a number of ways as well as providing detailed reporting and billing.

For more details, please visit: PrimaERP website.

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