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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Deskle: Online Whiteboards with Real-time Collaboration

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It is a popular saying that “You hear you forget, you see and you remember and you do and you understand.” This is the reason most of the organizations, these days use visual representations to communicate information with their employees. Project information is not shared in the form of text documents anymore. Instead, a graphical representation in the form of an organization map, Kanban charts, infographics, etc. is used to share information with peers. Thus, online whiteboards are becoming quite popular among organizations to share graphical information in real-time and collaborate with the project team. Deskle is one of the small business collaboration tools which works as online whiteboards and helps in collaborating with the organization. The detailed specification of Deskle is described below.

Editions and Pricing

Deskle offers a free lifetime subscription to the tool with the limited feature set. Further paid subscriptions of Deskle is as follows.

Free Plan $0 for lifetime
  • 3 desks
  • Watermark
  • Png Download
  • Collaboration (3 users)
  • Standard Template
  • Low-Resolution Image exports
Premium Plan $24/month
  • 25 desks
  • Watermark-free
  • PNG SVG Downloads
  • Collaboration (10 users)
  • Advanced Templates
  • High-Resolution Image exports
Business Plan $49/month
  • Unlimited desks
  • Watermark-free
  • PNG SVG Downloads
  • Collaboration (25 users)
  • Advanced Templates
  • High-Resolution Image exports

Capabilities and Supporting set Features

My Desk

The first page which appears upon logging on to the tool is the My Desk page. This page showcases all the desks or the business sketches and diagrams created by the user. It also displays the inbuilt examples of various desks that can be put to use for illustrating the organizational projects. The tool provides various built-in desk templates which can be cloned and customized as per user requirements. Additionally, a completely new desk can be created using the “create” option on the top right corner of the tool. The built-in template in the free version consists of the following.

  1. Organization Map
  2. Business Model Canvas
  3. Kanban Board Template
  4. User Story Map
  5. Infographic Template
  6. Venn Diagram
  7. Value Proposition Canvas
  8. Empathy Map Template
  9. Sales Funnel
  10. Iceberg diagram
  11. User-flow wireframes
  12. UI components
  13. The six thinking hats
  14. Process Flow Diagram
  15. Pyramid Diagram
  16. Time Line
  17. Long roadmap
  18. Flowchart Template


The page consists of a navigation bar that helps to navigate between the various pages of the tool such as the team desks, favorite desks, Subscribed desks, and trash. All these features help to create a graphical representation of the business model and are shared between various users so that they can track the progress of any project and identify their roles in the same.


The different option appears while creating a new desk or editing the clone desk, such as adding shapes, sticky note, picture, icon, tables, templates and much more. All these available options help in creating a detailed diagram. This can be shared with other users so that they can understand the project structure and can track the project progress. Additionally, the created desk can be downloaded for offline records. The chat feature of the tool enables the user to communicate with the team members apart from sharing a desk with them.

Mobile Accessibility

A mobile application for Deskle is not available.


Deskle supports more than 400 integration including Google Docs, Pinterest, WikiData, IconFinder, Dropbox and much more.


Deskle provides online chat support to assist users 24/7.

Pros and Cons


  • Visual representation of the organizational projects
  • Customizable templates
  • User-friendly features
  • Easy team Collaboration
  • Chat feature to collaborate with team members
  • Imports files, pictures, videos
  • Download the desk for offline use


  • Slow processing
  • A restricted number of desks

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The attracting feature of the tool is its online whiteboard and collaboration. It implements a unique method for collaborating with the project members using varied graphical business models. For more information about the tool visit

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