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Monday , June 24 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- UpWave


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The application UpWave is one of the top project management tool and highly partner for small and medium businesses. Rich in features, the application is simple to get started and use.

UpWave is also a useful program in a small budget. External integrations with platforms such as Google Calendar and Slack makes the work more flawless.

Editions and Pricing

The application is available under a basic and straight forward pricing scheme.

Standard $4 per user per month
Enterprise Contact the Team

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

upwave-creatingaboardCreating a Board
Being a project management application, UpWave needs you to make a board for yourself. This is probably the area to start working on your first task.

As soon as you sign up with UpWave, you create your very first board and can name it as per your project names. This board is divided into columns, and you assign your tasks here using cards. The menu on the top left corner displays the name of the profile holder and the number of boards they have created. The board is divided into sections- To Do, In Progress and Completed. A card is added by the application as your first card to make get started with tasks as soon as you create your board.

upwave-workingwiththecolumnsWorking with the Columns
The board is broadly divided into three columns- To Do, In Progress and Completed. You can add cards and assign tasks to them. The works that remain to be started on are kept in the To Do column.

As soon as the team starts working on it, this card can be moved to the In Progress column of the board simply by dragging your mouse over the board. UnWavealso provides some additional functionality with the columns- Edit Column, Move Column Right, Archive Completed Cards, and Add Cards.

upwave-workingwiththecardsWorking with the Cards
As soon as a board is created, the application adds a card to the board by default. This works as your first card for the board. This card is provided in the To Do section column of the board. Working with cards is easy- you can shift them between columns as you progress through the tasks. You can also add more cards when subtasks show up. Other added features are:

  • Assign
  • Complete
  • Set Due Date
  • Change Color according to its priority
  • Delete, and some more options such as
  • Copy card to another board
  • Move card to another board, and
  • Archive Card

upwave-the-board-optionsThe Board Options
Along with the columns and cards, some features are provided with the board too. The application displays the name of the current board or the board on which you are working on the top left corner of the screen. You can make changes to your board in areas such as-

  • Board Settings
  • Export Board
  • Card Archive
  • Leave Board, and
  • Archive Board

upwave-addingnewboardsAdding New Boards
You can add new boards for working across multiple projects. The dashboard of the application displays all your boards. This section of the application also gives you some additional features for the board such as:

  • Board Settings
  • Export Board
  • Card Archive
  • Board Activity
  • Leave Board, and
  • Archive Board

upwave-invitepeopleInviting People To Collaborate
The aim of project management works best when the application can connect with some people (the team) to share resources, assign tasks and discusses details.

You can invite new team members both at the dashboard as well as in individual boards depending upon their needed involvement in the projects. For this, you only need to type in the participant’s email address and a message if you like.

Mobile Accessibility

UpWave is available on mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iOS.


The application integrates seamlessly with external platforms such as:

  • Google Calendar
  • Google Sheets, and
  • Slack


The application provides firm support for all its users. A complete knowledge base about areas such as- Fundamentals, Team, Board, Card, Getting Started, Connecting to external platforms, etc. is provided.

Pros and Cons of UpWave


  • Incredibly simple to use.
  • Rich features make it flexible to work across multiple projects and multiple team members.


  • Accessing the central dashboard is tough sometimes.

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  • The great Five Feature- This features adds fun to work being just an interactive part of the task.
  • Priority Colors- This feature not only gives an aesthetic look to the tool but also clearly defines the priorities of the tasks making the workflow smoother.

For more details, please visit the UpWave website.

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