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Thursday , July 25 2024

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The Journey from Sqwiggle to Speak

The-Journey-from-Sqwiggle-to-SpeakThe Sqwiggle team began with a product that improved communication between team members that were located at far off locations.

The team members feel lucky to secure funding right at the beginning- Raising up to $1.1 million in the very first AngleList syndicate. This amount was huge enough to kick- start the project and the plans.

The Beginning

The company made progress initially, they did some quick hires and started with the projects. The team had positive energy and was sufficiently motivated to work on the projects. As time went through, the air began to get thick. Although the team had enough funds in their bank accounts, they needed some good engineers. For this, they hired some technical people, but the team did not deliver the desired result.

The company also struggled to gain customer adoption when teams were larger and, as the market was huge in general. Another issue that raised its head significantly was issues and clash of opinions among the co-founders. As all the cofounders had dominant personalities, it became difficult to reach compromises that favored the organization overall.

The team decided to make some firm decisions to improve performance and heath of the company. On this way, one of the co-founders, Matt decided to leave the team. The second thing they wanted to be sorted was, some efforts and time spent in marketing were a lot, they decided to turn towards product development instead.

They also made some firm decisions on the developing team building. They wanted to have a productive team that can add value to the company and could deliver improved performance of Sqwiggle. Apart from reefing the team, they then started thinking about improvements in the products. Working on all the possibilities and going through a pile of customer feedbacks, they begun to work on the product again.

New Opportunity

One of the investors offered an office area to the team in San Francisco, where they flew and pulled up their socks for the product. Soon they also realized that they need a new brand. Although some names were thrown they finally settled on Speak. This name was quickly adopted, as this was short, simple and served the product’s purpose well.

The Bottom Line

The team of Sqwiggle proudly says that since the product has been launched, some companies are using Speak. The technicians are still iterating Speak every day aligning to the needs of the customers. Although the company struggled to stand up in the beginning, the team is now confident and moving ahead progressively.

The advice they wanted to give them is, problems and issues in the group should be sorted out quickly. A supportive and happy team can only help a business grow.

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