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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Cold Emailing Can Get Great Results: Here’s how

In the world of constant fierce competition, companies are facing great difficulty in securing leads and sales. In such a scenario, cold emailing remains a viable option. However, cold emailing has never been an easy task. The chances of prospects opening your emails are so slim that generating leads from this channel seems impossible. However, there are cold emailing strategies for better results that you could employ.

To save your small and medium business, we have compiled a list of the top tips for writing cold emails that are likely to gain a response. Avoid these mistakes, and you shall traverse the treacherous waters of cold emailing easily.

  1. Lack of Personalization

As stated earlier, prospects and potential leads are constantly bombarded with emails and ads from all sides. In such a scenario, your generic cold email will easily find its way to the prospect’s spam folder. Constantly landing in the spam bin will also ruin your future campaigns, as you’re your emails will undeniably be blacklisted.

Personalization is a great cold emailing strategy that would produce better results. Simple tricks to improve the personalization factor could include: add a Name. Adding the name of the receiver instantly attracts attention. It will not only capture the prospect’s attention but also help them form a personal association with the brand.

With the pandemic forcing digitization on businesses, the number of cold emailers has increased. Every niche has hundreds upon hundreds of cold emails if counted. So, standing out by creating a personal association with potential clients will exponentially help you.

  1. Making Assumptions

Making assumptions about your prospect on the first interaction is not a recommended cold email strategy for SMB. It will irrefutably bring you destruction and disaster. Assuming that the prospect you are appealing to is a good fit for your product or service is the primary mistake for most businesses. Too many companies aim to target all their prospects and constantly sell their products.

Such strategies are highly ineffective and always loses the prospect. Instead, using the ‘conversational outreach’ method is more effective. Talk about one of the prospect’s issues and how that issue can be solved by your product. In lieu of pitching your product to an irrelevant prospect, asking prequalifying questions that intrigue the prospect leads to better results. It also saves a lot of time and resources as the unqualified prospects are not tendered to.

  1. Not Having an Ideal Customer Profile

One of the best tips for writing successful cold emails is to generate an ideal customer profile (ICP). We discussed catering to the right prospect earlier, but who is the right prospect? Identification of the ideal customer can be achieved gracefully by strictly defining what a good customer looks like. Your marketing campaigns will undeniably be highly ineffective if you don’t know your target audience. There won’t be any alignment between your product and the customer’s expectations. An ICP could aim to answer the following questions:

  • What is the core target industry?
  • What are the demographical statistics?
  • What are the customer’s primary woes?
  • What does the analytical data show?

Of course, there is a lot more that can be done, but this is a basic framework that can be used to segment your prospects.

  1. Lengthy Mails

In the current world of instant gratification, it can be a tedious task to read lengthy propositions and speeches. As a result, cold emails with lengthy descriptions and backstories never succeed. Therefore, keeping it short and simple is a highly recommended tip for writing cold emails.

You may be eager to provide an in-depth analysis of your product or service and enlist all its benefits. However, the aim is not to provide a full lecture on your product in the email. Rather, aim to keep the message restricted to two or three sentences. Captivate and entice the prospect and strive to make them want more information. Additionally, extended conversations build trust and establish a solid partnership. Don’t attempt to sell at the first meeting.

Cold emailing is probably the most difficult form of marketing strategy. However, omitting these common mistakes is arguably the best tip for writing cold emails. These tips can further be used to develop cold email strategies that produce even better results. Don’t sell at first sight, and try to build rapport before you slip in your product.


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