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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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7 Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics for your Small Business

Lead nurturing is a tactic that businesses use to grow and maintain their relationships with potential customers. Effective lead nurturing tactics help businesses gain their audience’s trust and increase their sales. There are numerous lead-nurturing strategies available for business owners, including focusing on content marketing, learning more about your audience via surveys, and using data to target prospects by email.

Here are few best practices for lead nurturing explained in detail

Use email marketing

According to research from Campaign Monitor, around 55% of marketers say that email marketing drives the highest return on investment of all digital marketing strategies. Not only email marketing is most cost-effective than advertising, but it can also be modified through data and user behaviour research. Precisely, email segmentation, or the division of email subscribers into smaller groups based on different parameters, allows users to target leads more effectively. It is one of the most effective lead nurturing tactics.

Build out your content marketing

Everyone using digital platforms for marketing knows that content marketing is an incredibly useful strategy that includes elements such as content creation, including blog posts, e-books, FAQs, how-to articles, webinars, research reports and more. Precisely, content can be used in building brand awareness and draw more people towards the company. Furthermore, content marketing also feeds into other lead-nurturing strategies. For instance, you can use social media and email marketing tools to distribute the content you create. Besides, you can add CTAs to encourage readers to sign up for your newsletter and reaching them for more information.

Get active on social media

Social media is an efficient way to build relationships with prospects. It provides users with an easy way to talk to you and puts the content where most of the people spend their time. In fact, according to research, internet users ages 16 to 64 spend an average of 2.25 hours on social media every day.

So, you can use social media to deliver your content and show your brand’s personality. Follow these tips for lead nurturing and excel at social media:

  • Regularly update your content
  • Post right content to the right social media channel
  • Be mindful of trends
  • Study your analytics
  • Chat with your audience
  • Understand your audience
  • Deliberate starting an account dedicated to customer service
  • Use different tools to automate and improve business processes

Align sales, marketing, and customer support teams

For lead nurturing, you need an effective team effort. Sales and customer support teams learn about the company and its audience on first-hand, and the marketing team has a lot of actionable data about the customer, competitors, and market. Therefore, effective collaboration among these teams will result in better insight, which will lead to better solutions. It is precisely the best practice for lead nurturing.

Conduct survey

In order to build a connection with your leads, you are required to understand their needs. Precisely, doing the survey is one of the best practices for lead nurturing as it allows lead to tell you what they feel in their own words. If you consider asking them about their goals and the problems they face, you will be able to make plans for how to take them at the end of the buyer’s journey.

Score Leads

Scoring leads help in assigning value, usually numerical, to the leads based on their behaviours. As every lead is not in the same stage of the sale funnel, so you shouldn’t invest the same amount of energy into each prospect. For instance, your lead-scoring paradigm may assign more points to prospects who spend more time browsing your site and have higher click-through rates and fewer points to those who have signed up for a newsletter but rarely open the emails. Notably, your efforts will make a big difference if you focus on the people who are engaging with you. Besides, you can try to connect with those prospects who score highly on a more personal level, such as by having a sales representative reach out to them.

Follow up with your leads after a sale is made

Lead nurturing does not end after the sale. After a customer has made a purchase, you want them to keep coming back to you, as they are likely to spend three times as much as one-time customers.

You can grow your business with these effective lead nurturing tactics. By using some or all of these tactics, your lead nurturing efforts are bound to be effective, so start experimenting with them on your team today.

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