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Monday , April 15 2024

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Marketing and Sales Tools Product Review- SalesSeek

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-Review- SalesSeekSalesSeek is a cloud based solution that brings together a number of essential sales and marketing tools for your business’s growth. SalesSeek was launched in 2014 by a technology company from London founded by Qamar Aziz, David Carratt, Tim Hampson and David Mytton.

SalesSeek is one of the top business marketing tool covers the functionalities of both CRM as well as Marketing Automation to help you expand your reach and generate more leads. It can perform contact management, email marketing, social monitoring, web analytics, deal management and sales forecasting. There are specialized dashboards for different roles like CEO, Telesales Specialist and Sales Manager etc.

SalesSeek has an open API so you can easily integrate it with the tools you’re already using so it can easily blend in your workflow without the need to change it. A good thing about SalesSeek is that it has all the functionalities included in the basic package rather than charging for each new feature individually.

Editions and Pricing

The starting price is $48.00/month/user. SalesSeek offers a free trial for 14 days.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

SalesSeek_LeadManagementLead Management
There are a number of features for Lead Management like dashboards, gathering, lead inbox and lead import.




There is a visual funnel that display the progress status of all current deals. It arranges them according to their priorities for easier visualization. It can be helpful in measuring performance and making comparisons.


There are different kinds of dashboards on the basis of different roles played by the users like CEOs, Sales Managers, The Board, Sales Teams etc. They keep all the significant information at one place in a way that it is easily accessible.


 SalesSeek_WorkflowAutomationWorkflow Automation
The functions of lead gathering and lead nurturing are automated by SalesSeek. It gathers leads from social media and webforms and adds them automatically to the database. It also sends automated email responses.



SalesSeek_SalesForecastingSales Forecasting
Users can make public or private forecasts. It also allows you to create weighted forecasts.



 SalesSeek_EmailCampaignsEmail Campaigns
SalesSeek allows you to design a number of email campaigns. You can send emails to individuals as well as groups in plain text or rich HTML. Also, you can use merge tags to personalize emails.



 SalesSeek_TaskManagementTask Management
Users can easily assign tasks to one another using task manager. Also, they can record important notes and create smart groups.



 SalesSeek_ContentLibraryContent Library
Important documents or sensitive data like contracts, RFPs or quotes have a backup maintained on the cloud which can be accessed by any team member with relevant permissions.


 SalesSeek_WebAnalyticsWeb Analytics
Users can receive regular updates about the number of visitors, their sources and all other important analytics.



Mobile Accessibility

SalesSeek is available as an iOS app so you could easily close deals on your iPhone.


SalesSeek provides a 24 hour support. There are video tutorials or online manuals available for new users.


SalesSeek has integration with Xero and Zendesk. It uses the REST API so it is simple to integrate with it.

Pros and Cons of SalesSeek


  • Cost efficient.
  • Visual sales funnel
  • Easy to learn intuitive User Interface
  • Workflow automation
  • Access control


  • Costly as compared to its competitors.

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SalesSeek includes of a number of desirable CRM functionalities. Apart from the basic features it has many other useful capabilities too. The users are automatically notified about their daily tasks via an email. The funnel can also be viewed in a sink and swim representation where you can view the momentum of each deal. Emails can be tracked for the number of opens and clicks. SalesSeek is a great tool for SMEs as it helps them scale their revenue generation by providing real time insights.

For more details, please visit: SalesSeek website.

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