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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- GrademyStack

Marketing tools-product-review-grade-my-stackGrademyStack is a free tool that grades the completeness of your content marketing stack. The product was released in March 2016 by Uberflip. Uberflip is a company located in Toronto, Canada, founded by Yoav Schwartz and Randy Frisch. The tool helps you organize your marketing software on the basis of 4 basic factors of the content marketing framework and informs you about the robustness and limitations of your stack.

The four pillars are creation, experience, distribution, and insights. GrademyStack lets you understand the areas where you need to focus and where the current tools are sufficient. The tool has arrived at the perfect time as the current market is flooded with thousands of tools for marketers.

In the last few years, there has been a remarkable increase in the numbers of companies from the marketing technology sector with an 87% increase in the previous year only. GrademyStack also helps you identify the gaps in your technology framework and discover new tools that you might need. Yoav Schwartz states that over time, apart from being a valuable assessing tool for one’s marketing software, GrademyStack will also be an incredible discovery tool that uses the professional opinion of expert content marketers.

Editions and Pricing

The software is available for free.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

GradeMyStack-StackGradingStack Grading
The tool will provide you a grade on the completeness of your stack based on 4 pillars of the framework of content marketing. You can easily identify the gaps and find new tools to fit into your requirements.



One of the four pillars on which your content marketing stack is graded is ‘creation’. It has 4 sub-categories, marketplace, ideation, curation, and workflow. Hence, all the tools you use to create your content, whether through buying, curating or authoring it yourself are categorized here.


Experience is another important pillar in the framework. Even the best content requires some experience so that it can reach its full potential. This too has four sub-categories, namely management, engagement, lead generation and sales enablement.



The third important pillar is distribution. This contains all the tools to use to find your audience, whether it is through promotion or organically discovered. These tools can be categorized under social organic, email or paid.


All the tools you use to find out what’s working and the reasons why it is working fall under this category. Its sub-categories are analytics, scoring, ROI, and reporting.



Pros and Cons of GrademyStack


  • Provides recommendations for areas where your tools are lacking.
  • Easy sign in, you can log in via your LinkedIn account.
  • With so many tools available in the current market, GrademyStack makes it easier to choose the best tool.


  • LinkedIn OAuth flow sometimes gives bad gateway error.


GrademyStack allows marketers to benchmark their existing stack by comparing with other marketers while finding the best tools to fill in the gaps, or change the existing tool with a better one. The tool gives you a better idea of where you can improve by grading your existing stack.

For more details, please visit: GrademyStack website.

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