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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Communication Tools Product Review- Relay

Communication-tools-product-review-relayRelay is a tool that enables the team to know what their users are doing from their app in slack. Teams have the power to accomplish anything when together. Inspired by the fact Relay app allows to track events made by the users and stream them to slack. So that every team member can have a look at what the user is up to, irrespective of their job role because each team member associated with users.

As the client app will grow, Relay will help teams understanding users better. Relay helps the team to discover when the user signs up, has trouble onboarding, in need of a new feature, opens an email, and much more.

Editions and Pricing

Potato Battery Free Forever 100 messages/month Unlimited streams
Hamster Power $5/month 500 messages/month Unlimited streams
AA Battery $29/month 5000 messages/month Unlimited streams
Lithium ion $99/month Unlimited messages Unlimited streams

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Relay_customize_detailsCustomize Details
The every event performed by the users are allowed to customize by the teams. Teammates can have their choice to look any option amongst available those work as filters in Relay.



Relay_Set_frequencySet Frequency
The app offers teams to set frequency rate at which they want to stream user events. The present options are real-time, hourly, or daily from which one can set the time.




Relay_multiple_streamsMultiple Streams
The account admin can categorize its teammates according to the streams or different roles each member possess.




Mobile Accessibility

The app is accessible on mobile platforms.


Relay app offers integration with apps like slack, Segment, and stripe so the user can connect as per choice.


Users are allowed to contact the support members of the app via email.

Pros and Cons of Relay


  • Transparent user activities
  • Live updates
  • Significant color representation


  • A little confusing interface
  • No reminder for planning future discussion
  • No calendar view


Relay is a short and straightforward app which helps the teams to make collaborative efforts for creating great results. The app lets each of the team member to interact with users’ problem directly. And all of these conversations are open to seen by every member of a team. Overall an excellent tool which maintains the app’s workflow transparency.

For more detail, please visit Relay website.

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