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Monday , June 24 2024

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Communication Tools Product Review- ClearChat


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ClearChat is a tool for encrypted file sharing and chat for your team. It protects your files and ensures the security of your organizational data. In this tool, you get user authentication, end-to-end encryption and enables you to delete any message you want. The way it differs from other apps like Slack, Dropbox or Gmail is that these apps have built-in backdoors which allow them access to your private data. You are not in full control of your data as they can easily spy on you or use your data for personal gain. With ClearChat, you can take this control back.

Editions and Pricing

ClearChat is free to use while it is in beta. In future, the entry level cost for this product will be about $20-$50 per month per company and will support transfer of files as big as 100 GB.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

ClearChat_EasySetupEasy Setup
ClearChat can be easily installed in your systems whether it is your PC or Macbook by just a few clicks. You do not need to remember another complex password for this app. People often do not use strong passwords making them vulnerable to hacker’s attack.


ClearChat_PrivacyAndSecurityPrivacy and Security
ClearChat uses end to end encryption and user authentication. No one except the intended recipient can decrypt the information sent over the platform, not even the service providers. It is quite easy to spoof email addresses and websites. User authentication assures you that you are not talking to an impersonator.



ClearChat_CustomerDataRententionCustomer Data Retention Policies
ClearChat gives you the power to decide how long they want their data to exist. It could be a very long duration or very short. You have the authority to delete any message or file you send any time you want.


ClearChat_AddGuestAdd Guests
You can even share a file or establish a secure connection outside your organization by adding guest users.


Pros and Cons of ClearChat


  • No passwords to remember.
  • Prevention of spoofing and phishing attacks.
  • Powerful search to look up contacts and groups.


  • Lacks some powerful features offered by other communication and file storage tools.


ClearChat makes use of decentralized encryption protecting you from man-in-the-middle attacks in SSL-based encryption. It provides you a level of security that big names like Slack, Dropbox or Gmail cannot provide. Amidst the rapidly growing cyber-crime for even the most reputed apps, ClearChat seems to be the best options for people who are concerned about the privacy and security of communication.

For more details, please visit ClearChat Website.

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