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Friday , April 19 2024

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3 Keys to a Successful Sales Pitch

3-keys-to-a-successful-sales-pitchThe heart of any company is the sales. If people are not purchasing a company’s product or service, it will slowly diminish from the market and eventually the company will come to an end. So it becomes a very critical task to design an effective sales pitch.

The original host of Home Shopping Network, Bob Circosta, says that a company should focus how the product or service will be helpful for the customers instead of focussing on the products or services a company possesses. He believes that a superior salesperson always inspires the buyers to feel the benefit of the product or service.

Here are some of the tricks that can be used to craft better sales.


The first contact with any client is very important to establish a strong term relationship. The executive vice president at WorkStride, Tom Silk said that the first sentence of the sales pitch has power. He also said that the content didn’t matter as much as the delivery of the content mattered. Establishing a connection with the customer is a very important thing. A good seller tries to create a connection with the customer as soon as possible.

Social Cues

It is important to pay attention to the cues, either in person or on phone. In a meeting, it is important to note the body language whereas on a phone it is important to know the speaker. Assertive cues such as head nods, forward leaning and open, relaxed posture should be looked for in any meeting. It is better to take a step back if there are any non-assertive gestures. These cues are harder to find in a call. However, there are some cues if listened carefully. Silk advises visualizing the room based on the noises in the room.

Call to Action and follow-up plan

A call to action and follow-up plan are important factors of any sales pitch. Circosta says that an action should be taken after every sales presentation. A call to action might keep the perspective linked to the idea of doing business even if the perspective is confused about the final decision. A follow-up makes a sales process successful. However, it is important to know when and how to make the follow-up.

The Bottom Line

It is always important to listen to the prospective client. Figuring out the requirements of the client and tailoring a response accordingly can make a sales pitch successful.

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