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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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3 Great Tools For Promoting Your Ebook

3-great-tools-for-promoting-your-ebookTechnology has become both a boon and curse for the authors. On one hand, it has provided a wide opportunity for self-publishing. On the other hand, it has paved the way for a huge competition. Anyone can write a few thousand words and publish it in the name of an Ebook.

Tweet Jukebox

Tweet Jukebox is a tweet scheduling tool developed by Tim Fargo who is an author and entrepreneur. It is one of the best tools to promote your work and also gives an opportunity to your fans to promote your work for you. The 140 character limitation provides both opportunity and challenge for any writer. The tool functions as a jukebox.

Write all your tweets, load them into the Jukebox Library and select the frequency of the tweets to be published. Tweet Jukebox will automatically randomly play all your tweets. The tool allows loading as many different Libraries as possible. Therefore, if you have more than one E-book, you can assign different library for each promotion. Above all, the Tweet Jukebox thanks your 50 top engaged followers.


Blogging is the 21st century thing and is an invaluable promoting platform. You need not have to wait till your book is published and can start your blog right from the time you start writing your book. This extra writing will aid in establishing your image as a credible author. Setting up a blog could be difficult, but WordPress helps you reduce the burden of setting up a blog. It is the most popular, simple, intuitive and user-friendly platform. The tool can be used freely, and payment can be made in the case of any upgrade required. You can use your blog for a decent social media presence before the book launch. There are also other blogging sites like Blogger and Tumblr.

Abandoned Cart Plugins

After you have completed your ebook, the main process is purchase. It is found that two-thirds of the people abort the buying process after popping into the shopping cart. These are the hot leads that need to be focussed. You have to remind these people about the availability of your book.  If you are selling on a WordPress site, you can use plugins such as Abandoned Cart Pro. It sends multiple reminder emails to the leads. You can write these emails by yourself too along with the coupons and discount offers.

The Bottom Line

These tools could prove to be beneficial to your promotion. However, these tools are not the only tools to promote your ebook. There are several other tools that could suit your promotional needs and requirement.

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