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Monday , June 24 2024

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Top CRM Tools Product Review- Interakt


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Customer engagement is extremely important for a business growth. Interakt is a top CRM tool responsible for customer capture, engagement, and retention. It provides crucial tools for your site that convert the visitors into leads and then ultimately into customers. Its features help a user to gain more customers through consistent engagement. Interakt offers critical functionalities that includes lead management, user management, campaigns for customers, customer data analysis, strong support helpdesk and much more to target potential consumers.

Track user responses and the interest rate that helps in user engagement level and understanding user behavior for making future strategies for your product.

Editions and Pricing

Free $0/month 5,000 Leads 1,000 Customers 1,500 Emails/month  1 Notification 1 Team Member
Startup $49/month 50,000  Leads 1,000 Customers 25,000 Emails/month 3 Notification 3 Team Member
Growth $99/month 200,000 Leads 1,000 Customers 100,000 Emails/month 10 Notification 10 Team Member
Company $199/month 600,000 Leads 1,000 Customers 300,000 Emails/month 20 Notification 20 Team Member

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Interakt_Lead_AppLead App
Capture leads and adds them to your database through various methods; set up premade forms on your site to input their data, get the leads from Google or Yahoo synchronization, import lead list from the system or add manually. Filter lead results and save them as segments of different names so one can use these segments for quick consideration regarding any matter. A user can even search a specific lead and assign it to other team members.


Track every detail of your user along with their conversation and history. See the status of the individual user, share automated welcome message, forward or create a relevant email to the particular user. Interakt provides a completely interactive environment to the user.



Create own manual campaign or use pre-built campaigns to forward your essential email stuff to the customers in segments. The user can track delivery rate, open and click rate for each running campaign with its detailed view. The automation enables a user to schedule emails to set later delivery time.


Build notifications for your users in no time with Interakt. They can consist announcements, offers and can enhance social reach. Set your target audience to deliver relevant notifications. There is pre-built notification-templates present from which the user can choose a suitable one.



Interakt_Live ChatLive Chat
Provide strong and faster support to your customers incorporating live chat functionality in your product. With multiple chat agents and an offline feature, receive all messages from customers. You can send messages based on user time spent or page visited by the user. The flexible support system enables FAQs data insertion in the chat for direct and detailed user support.



Interakt_Helpdesk_and_FAQSHelpdesk and FAQS
The app helps a user to form a robust support system for his customers. Use feedback widget and emails along with auto-responders telling that you are working on it. Create knowledge base and FAQs saving time and providing 24X7 availability. Inbox the support tickets and easily manage them through their status- open, pending, closed, or spam.


Mobile Accessibility

Interakt is also present as a mobile app for convenient accessibility through mobile devices.


The Web platforms E-commerce platforms
CloudFlare Bigcommerce Prestashop
Heroku Buildabazaar Shopify Kartrocket Spree
Zapier Magento WordPress


The app has a support system that includes FAQs, documentations, and email option.

Pros and Cons of Interakt


  • Intuitive Dashboard with every crucial number.
  • 360-degree lead profile view.
  • Reminders to contact leads.
  • Responsive templates with Desktop and mobile previews.
  • Set operating hours.
  • Wide filter options.


  • Files export is not allowed.
  • For selecting a picture or icon, Browse option is unavailable in email section.

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  • Customizable live chat widget.
  • Use FAQs and canned responses in the helpdesk.
  • Filter based Segment creation.
  • Autonomous backup of data.

For more details, please visit Interakt website

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