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Monday , June 24 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- EvoScale

Technology-Tools-product-review-evoscaleEvoScale is a cloud-based platform that performs management, statistics and reporting for HAProxy. It is a smart centralized dashboard that can manage hundreds of HAProxy load balancers collectively via a central control panel. You can directly integrate them with your existing servers. It provides a centralized dashboard for you to see statics and reports and deploy configs.



Edition and Pricing

The tool is available in three plans, basic, standard and premium. The Basic package costs $49 per month and manages two servers. The Standard package will cost $149 per month for ten servers. Large corporate users can go for the Premium package for 50 servers, available at $449 per month.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

EvoScale_DashboardCentralized Dashboard
You provide a centralized dashboard for visualizing the information on reporting and statistics. It uses a single intelligent source to monitor performance metrics, groups the server together and much more. You can maintain an automatic backup of your configurations.


EvoScale is extremely quick in deploying configurations and fetching information. It will take not more than 2 seconds for deploying a new configuration to 100 servers.




EvoScales allows creating, importing and management of configuration files. You can deploy them as and when you wish. It can automatically send the changes to all matching servers.



EvoScale_LiveStatusLive status
You can monitor all your critical HAProxy components by viewing their live status. It will show centralized and grouped data for the whole setup.



Pros and Cons of EvoScale


  • It lets you manage your ADC infrastructure from a single point. You can see the network as a whole.
  • Instant configuration deployments.
  • No need for any firewall changes.
  • You can directly integrate it with your existing servers.


  • The pricing might change after beta.


EvoScale is a Snapt product, which is a reputed and experienced company in the field of network load balancing and HAProxy. Businesses that use many load balancers for the different configurations of their network can use this platform for a smart centralized management which sees the network as a whole.

For more details, please visit EvoScale Website.

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