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Monday , June 24 2024

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Best online HR Tool Product Review- TeamMood


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Many times some project managers and team head wish to know how their team members are doing. TeamMood is one of the best online hr tool is an interactive platform that sends a daily email to your team members to know about their moods across time slots. This application lets you know how your team is feeling about the work they have been doing. You can create and work with multiple teams here.


Or, simply, tag people to create groups you wish to know about. This platform can help managers and team lead determine the reaction of their teams in cases of introduction to a new technology in the company, a new project they have been assigned, or a new team member that have joined them.

Editions and Pricing

The application follows a simple pricing model. TeamMood offers a free 30 day trial period. The paid version costs $1 per active user per month.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

TeamMood-TeamSettingsTeam Settings
Before taking you to your own dashboard, the application lets you make up your team. You can add details such as:

  • Team Name
  • Time Zone
  • Favorite Time of the email
  • Working Days
  • Preferred language for emails
  • Anonymous Comments
  • Team Members

TeamMood-MultipleTeamsMultiple Teams
If you work in a big organization, you may have multiple teams working under you. This application can help you deal with a number of teams. You can get an overview of the company’s mood, across teams and departments.



TeamMood-TheEmailsThe Emails
TeamMood emails are simple and easy to work with. You can schedule them as per your time schedule and according to the work plan of your team. The team members receive an email daily and they simply have to make a choice about the mood they are in among the following:

  • Excellent Day
  • Good Day
  • Average Day
  • Hard Day, and
  • Bad Day

Consistent feedbacks and mood updations let you know the average moods of your teammates.

TeamMood-TheMoodCalendar The Mood Calendar
A mood calendar is a place that keeps a track of all the mood changes your team has been going through. With an interactive and intuitive user interface, this is a quick and easy way to track and know what your team is going through.



If you wish to know about the moods of a particular group of people, TeamMood can help you out. By simply tagging people, you can know the mood of a particular group of people. You can also build groups of people and compare their moods for a particular time



Unlike other applications, the TeamMood analytics section shows you the analytics details about your team’s feedback about their mood swings experienced. This section lets you select a particular date or choose a tile slot ranging between last 30 days to the last three months.


Mobile Accessibility

The application is unavailable on mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iOS.


The application does not integrate with any other external platform for its processing.


The application supports its users having a FAQ section consisting of common queries you may have. The application also offers an email support to its users if they have doubts or any other road blockers using TeamMood.

Pros and Cons of TeamMood


  • Anonymous feedbacks keep the sender secret.
  • The metrics are available to everyone on the team, this way, the team as a whole know what changes made or which stage was stressful or pleasant to the team.


  • An employee can provide a false negative feedback that is unrelated to the work assigned to him or her.
  • Also, an employee can always feed a happy feedback just avoid a conversation about their mood with the boss or other team members.

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  • Easy and Simple way to track team member’s mood as they work on your projects.
  • Create and compare the moods of multiple team members using simple methods.

For more details, please visit TeamMood website.

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