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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Twitter Dashboard

Marketing-Tools Product-review-twitter-dashboardBusiness has moved online a long time ago. But not only having a business website helps, all you need is having the social presence to keep your customers engaged. Many businesses are making it a daily routine nowadays to publish posts that project their business online. With almost everyone on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, businesses are making special efforts to take their business to them.

But the challenge in such online marketing lies in determining the right time to release your content so that it reaches the maximum number of people that can turn into customers.

In such a case all you need is a dedicated tool that will work across social platforms, publish posts and have analytics capabilities to help determine the performances. Twitter Dashboard is one of such products that can help you through this. This amazing tool will help you perform better on Twitter, grabbing the attention of customers and to help schedule posts that will work out for your business.

Editions and Pricing

The application is currently in Beta version and yet to release details about its editions and pricing policies.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

TwitterDashboard-DashboardThe Dashboard
A dashboard is a place from where you get to access almost all the features of the application. This place gives an access to sections such as:

  • About You
  • Your Tweets
  • Timeline
  • Tweets
  • Following
  • Followers
  • Messages, and
  • What’s Happening

TwitterDashboard-AboutYouAbout You
This feature can be said one of the most powerful players for you. The About You section displays all those people or profiles that are talking about you. This section includes all those posts that have mentioned your keyword in their posts. This way, you will come to know about the popularity of your brand or in other words, how are people getting engaged and the things that interest them towards your business.


TwitterDashboard-YourTweetsYour Tweets
As the name suggests, Your Tweets is a section of this application that displays all the Tweets that you have done in the past. This may help you to make a pattern of what all you publish and how will it help to grow your business online.



The Twitter Dashboard Timeline is similar to the Twitter timeline. This section shows all the posts from all your followers in real time.



TwitterDashboard-AnalyticsForAccount Analytics for Account
The Analytics section shows you how your Twitter posts have been performing lately. Having details such as:

  • Tweets
  • Media tweets
  • Replies
  • Audience Mentions
  • New Followers, and
  • Visits and Views,

This tool tracks the performance of your business on Twitter. The default analytics report displays past seven day’s performances. But, you can also view performance reports for past 30 and 60 days.

The Create feature lets you create new Tweets that you wish to publish. These Tweets can be published immediately as they are created or rather can be scheduled to post in future. The Schedule Tweet Button gives you an option to Schedule a Tweet through a calendar.



TwitterDashboard-AnalyticsForTweets1 Analytics for Tweets
As the name itself says that this section shows analytics. Analytics shows all Tweets that you have done in the past. Along with Tweets, This features also tracks recent engagements your business Tweets had in the recent past.


Mobile Accessibility

The application is present on iOS platform along with the web based application.


The tool works with your Business Twitter account.


The application has a separate Help section. This not only helps you to work with this tool but also with Twitter if you are a beginner.

Pros and Cons of Twitter Dashboard


  • The Tool has the flexibility to perform every action you require to do on a Twitter account.
  • The Tool is also easy to use and work with.


  • An Android version can increase the number of users of the product.


  • Schedule your Tweets better.
  • Better manages your business account.

For more details, please visit the Twitter Dashboard website.

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