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Monday , June 24 2024

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3 Tools to make Awesome Images for Twitter

3-Tools-to-make-Awesome-Images-for-TwitterVisual Content is ruling the world of the Social Media Marketing these days. Visual content is the key to every business that drives traffic and sales. With social media taking over, we have no doubt become a social media scrolling society. There are many social platforms that people visit every day, most of them end up scrolling the complete page without making any engagements until something catches your eye.

It has, therefore, become one of the primary concerns for business to make interactive and eye-catching content on these platforms. One of the primary reasons businesses needs to have interactive graphics on social platforms such as Twitter is, also because it has shortened its blogging limits to 140 characters.

This may also be the reason why Twitter has become more visually interactive with images, graphics, and videos. Also, this leads to the emergence of some amazing tools that can generate engaging content to pull in more clicks from Twitter. The Three tools that can make awesome images for your Twitter profile are:


Canva is an amazing tool that can be easily replaced by Photoshop. This application has templates that are built in for the best size requirements for almost each social platform. Besides the template sizes, you can create images and graphics with your own custom sizes as and when required. Canva provides you an interactive and rich menu from where you can choose your layout, search for images, buy stock images, add effects as well as customize topography and colors to match your own branding. Canva is loaded with drag and drop feature which makes it easy to use and save your designs. You can also go back and make changes to the images and graphics you created previously.


WordSwag is an interactive mobile application that can be used on a go. This is easy to use mobile app that allows its users to choose from a variety of quotes available online. You can also create your own customized quotes, search for images, change text fonts and designs. One of the powerful features this app holds is, you can make graphics, modify things and directly post them to the Twitter profile. On the other hand, the only downside the app holds is, that the images are all cropped Square- that will make some of the text not completely readable until they are clicked.


IF you still fancy Photoshop, Paint.NET can be an excellent option. The tool is somewhat similar to Photoshop and is free for PC users. With features somewhat similar to Photoshop, it supports layers and offers many special photo effects. This tool lets you draw shapes, recolor your image and add text. This tool even lets you cut out the images and remove the background.

The Bottom Line

Creating images and graphics on a go is an added feature that the graphics mobile application offers. There are many free to use mobile applications and tools that can be used to generate eye-catching and clickable images. These powerful tools help you generate clickable images finally driving in traffic to your business.

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