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Monday , June 24 2024

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Communication Tools Product Review – TribeScale


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Have you often felt that most of the meetings are time consuming and ineffective? What if you could limit useless meetings, unwanted meeting discussions, and meeting time? Yes!! You heard it right. There is a single solution for all these.

TribeScale! Organize your meetings to achieve high productivity in a brief period. It is a tool for all companies irrespective of size. It is the right platform to participate in a meeting, from anywhere and anytime. As a result of this, you will get better outcomes, and you will save the most precious resource of any organization ‘Time’. You can involve the right people in the meeting with disturbing their schedule, use the best practices, and also automate the meetings that are recurring.

Editions and Pricing

There are no versions or pricing for the product. You can use the product for free. Just visit their website, register yourself and experience the whole new world of attending meetings.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Tribes are groups or teams which can be easily created in a click. You can create your tribes which contain several topics.



Topics are relevant issues of a particular tribe. These themes are the conversation regarding the tribe. For example, for a marketing tribe, a social media campaign or content marketing can be a topic. You can assign tasks, share decision and set rhythms in these subjects.


product_review_tribescale_invite_membersInvite Members
Welcome new members to your tribe so that you do not fail to communicate or conduct meeting with the people who are not on tribeScale.



The review includes all your information such as to-do’s, highlights, shared files, and rhythms updates.


For every tribe, you can define your goals and can rate them by completion. These goals help you stay on track.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool is available as a web application, and at the same time for easy access, it is available as the mobile app also. It can be used on two major mobile platforms, iOS, and Android.


The tool does not integrate with any other tools or third party applications.


The tool provides support through tutorials and faqs. There is also a go through of the tool when anyone uses the tool for the first time.

Pros and Cons of TribeScale


  • Easy to communicate on a topic.
  • Goals give a significant boost to performance and always reminds how far we are from the goal.


  • There is no dashboard. Instead of a summary, a panel would have been more useful.
  • Instant chat to provide immediate support would have been more useful.
  • There is no option to leave a tribe.

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The ability to reduce unwanted meeting, attend a meeting from anywhere and shorten meeting time makes the tool different from the others.

For more details, please visit Tribescale Website

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