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Monday , June 24 2024

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Meetzoo- A platform Connecting Professionals

Meetzoo- A-platform-Connecting-ProfessionalsMeetzoo is a Bristol based productivity startup. This product fills the communication gaps when it comes to conducting the meeting in an organization. The application is a unique and interactive calendar to encourage improved productivity and secure collaboration.

This app helps organizations to communicate better, organize and manage important business meetings. It is a highly compelling app that lets team members work in sync. It helps them to plan business meetings, and finally consolidate the discussions that occurred during these sessions.

The Idea

Paul Lewis Borman, the man behind this project, says that this idea came to his mind from the experiences he had during the business meetings. He was unable to maintain continuity into them. Also, he says he had attended meetings with dozens of LinkedIn profiles open on his laptop computer. Also, he taught if he had all the email addresses in the calendar invite, why can’t these link together with the LinkedIn profiles. This idea lets to the seed of Meetzoo- a better way to connect with the team members or business partners to collaborate and manage meetings.

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The Biggest Success

The Meetzoo team is successfully established and trademarked itself in the US and the UK. The group also launched its public Beta version recently that received great feedback and participation from its users. The team is also planning to launch its crowdfunding campaign.

The South West Tech Community’s Support

The Meetzoo team loves the South West. They have a great deal of talent and entrepreneurial ambition in their hearts. The Meetzoo team highly looks forward to work here and appreciates they participation, enthusiasm, and ideas. The team experienced strong support and resource availability being a startup business.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

The MeetZoo team, as exclaimed by Paul Lewis is very excited about its first crowd-funding campaign. They are ready to meet up the expectations of the people that are looking forward to them in this event. They also look forward to guidance that can help them to ride it better from the team of Crowd10.

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The Way Forward

The team is planning to use all the funds they raise in the crowd-funding event to deploy a full-time development and support team. The team is highly motivated to work on the future opportunities that will help them grow in the market. They expect to connect as many as 450m LinkedIn users worldwide and provide an efficient and easy to communicate platform at an organizational level.

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