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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Email Tools Product Review – Mailshake

Email-Tools-Product-review- mailshake

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Emails are the core of any online business. Each recipient you email is unique. They all require extensive research to ascertain what style, tone and content are going to resonate with each of them.

Here comes the role of the best email marketing tool Mailshake. It follows the best practices for sending outreach email. Only if you know, emails are the valuable cold sales tool. It is less intrusive, more efficient and can easily convert in comparison to phone calls.

Every business that exists online has to do with online promotions. No matter the efficiency of your products and services, they are nothing if promoted correctly. The tool simplifies the job of sales person or marketer by supporting content, building relationships with the user and generating leads using outreach emails. The tool uses templates that tried and tested; with just a few editing and optimization, they are suitable to fit your campaign and reflecting your personality.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing structure is as simple as the software itself. For each user within the team, you can connect an additional Google account.

Monthly $9 per User
Yearly $99 per User

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

New Campaigns
Once, you have signed in; the dashboard takes you directly to the process of creating email campaigns. It provides you a tab button so that you can add a “new campaign.”


Merging, Email Accounts
Even though it does not run directly inside Gmail, it is still powered by Gmail. All you need to do is hook up all accounts. You can add multiple accounts, which can be done very easily. Also, you can start using it without any prior knowledge of how it works.

Prevents Double Pitching with Unsubscribes List
This is a handy feature of MailShake that shows unsubscribe list. There is a list of email addressed to your account, and they can be automatically excluded from the list of the campaign. And, the best part?

It automatically adds email addresses to your unsubscribe list which makes it easy to get rid of unwanted ones (individuals or bulk).

Reliable Email Support
When it comes to providing support, MailShake has an efficient ticketing system with a response time of a day or two. Reaching out to the support is simple; you just have to click the little question mark at the top.


Mobile Accessibility

The product is currently accessible on mobile devices and platforms such as Android and Ios.


It does not support Google Sheets integration, and so, you can boycott Mailshake for not playing nice with Google Sheets. However, you can save your Google Sheet as a CSV file and later, upload the same.


The tool does not provide the option of live chat but is equipped with fast email support with active time within 1-2 days.

Pros and Cons of Mailshake


  • User-friendly and clean interface
  • Easily access pre-written outreach email templates
  • Track replies opens, and more
  • Cheapest outreach email tool
  • Speedy email support


  • Does not work with Google Sheets (only with CSV’s)
  • Lacks custom tracking domain
  • Unsubscribe is not efficient in comparison to suppress list in GMass

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The pricing is the feature differentiates Mailshake from other outreach tools. It ‘s hard to find any other premium outreach tool for the nearby prices. Additionally, features like mail merge and auto follow-ups are making the email outreach more fast and efficient.

For more details, please visit Mailshake website.

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