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Wednesday , June 26 2024

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Online Email Tools for small business product review- Sigbop

Email-Tools-Product-review-sigbopEmail signatures are crucial as they represent the professionalism of the employees of an organization. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to create the signatures, which eventually be dropped to include in the email. It is the scenario when the tool comes that is expertise in creating customized email signatures.

With Sigbop an online email tool for small business, you can do branding as well as marketing through the self-made signature. Besides, track your users’ activity, campaigns and get precise analytics about them. This complete customizable tool lets you create your own signature, reflecting your firm identity and reliable support. Using its various extensions, the user will be all set to launch his first signature and then for every next time it will be added automatically in the email. If you do not seek to use the plugins, the purely HTML-based signatures allows you to put signatures into a variety of email clients such as Yahoo, Thunderbird, MailBird, Office 365/web, Outlook for Mac, Mac Mail, and various Apple iPhone and iPad devices

Moreover, a user can attach fastlinks within the email content so the recipient can switch to the relevant page, that too with a click. SigBOP allows storing multiple fastlinks. Set everything from your name, position, company, address etc., manage and maintain your social impact via providing social pages for your audience in the signature. When every time people will get to see your email signature, their faith in your brand will increase along with the conversion rate.

Editions and Pricing

Bronze $0.00/month/user
Gold $2.00/month/user
Silver $1.00/month/user
Platinum $5.00/month/user

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Sigbop_Signature_SetupSignature Setup
All you need to do is to insert your specific information that will be seen in your email signature and a real-time preview you can see there. How it looks totally depends on your choice as you can customize each and everything in that. There are over 30 custom designed templates ready for you to choose from. You can find a suitable signature template from the present bulk of email signature templates, set the layout, icon, font and much more. Also, for branding can offer your social media addresses to establish a firm connection with the customers. Set what you want to expose and what you do not.


Sigbop_Plugin_ExtensionPlugin Extension
Once you have created your email signature, you are ready to implement it with ‘to be send’ emails. Get the plugin extension for the email platform you use, and you will be using your made email signature in a fraction of seconds with a click. The tool provides Gmail extensions available for Chrome, Opera and Safari. Also, a plugin-Extension available for Microsoft Office Outlook, v 2010-2016. Once used signature on a platform, will be attached automatically to the new conversations.


Track users’ attention by delivering them the vital stuff through the fastlinks. You can add a fastlink in three formats in Sigbop; adding an URL, from system storage, or from Google drive. Set settings for tracking users’ behavior upon these links and are notified when they click or open the fastlink. Flexible filters are present so you can extract the most important fastlinks whenever needed. You have the ability to setup both personal and corporate FastLinks. Corporate FastLinks can be shared across departments or divisions and the analytics can report on traffic driven from an individual, department or division.


Keep updated on the status of your content, branding, and marketing campaigns. The clear statistics tell everything regarding the emails you have sent with the Sigbop’s email signature.



sigbop_statistics_recordsGet the top-level records from the database, and filter options like last 7 days, last 30 days and similar. You can use these to get the relevant data from the repository.



sigbop_statistics_record_graphThe robust analytical capabilities of the tool shows where your emails are read and through which devices. You can use this vital information to mold your business message.




sigbop_signature_managerSignature Manager
Signatures and signature templates are cloud-based. This gives you the power of easily making signature changes and pushing the change automatically out to all of your employees in a few seconds. The plugin-extensions will automatically download signature updates. The sigbop website communicates with Google’s G/Suite and can also update Gmail’s default signature settings for Hosted Gmail.


Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app does not offer mobile accessibility.


The app allows you to integrate with Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365, iPad, iPhone, Yahoo, and Google drive.


There is a knowledgebase offering complete 360-degree support for a user. Besides, you can send an email.

Pros and Cons of Sigbop


  • Customizable signature setup.
  • Powerful and accurate statistics.
  • Statistics Filters.
  • More than one email signature.
  • Custom Templates can be created for your business.
  • Email Tracking and Notifications.
  • Cloud-based Signature Manager.


  • Logo image upload takes quite a time.
  • The interface is needed to be more attractive.
  • Processing is slow.
  • Fastlinks’s details are not previewed in an email.

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SigBOP is a complete email and branding solution that adds a total to your image. Explore the tool for faster and reliable communication.

For more details, please visit SigBOP website.

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