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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Adpushup Is Adding Value To Your Ads

Adpushup-Is-Adding-Value-To-Your-AdsAdpushup is an Ad optimization company in the US. The company uses advanced automated A/B Testing to help optimize online ad revenues. Ankit Oberoi and Atul Agarwal founded the company in 2013. This firm is the platform for those many publishers looking for generating revenues from ads. Adpushup software helps to do A/B testing of an ad to understand the business scopes and find out which one is the best to implement.

It is an AdTech startup backed by Microsoft Accelerator venture. Besides, integrated with Google AdSense, which helps the user to decide on the suitable ad layout for increasing revenues, without making any modifications on the user experience of the web page. It uses the machine learning-based algorithm to exhibit automated optimization. The web publishers and bloggers can leverage the platform by running testing and optimizing their web pages’ ads.

The firm has raised an undisclosed amount in Series-A funding round. The investor’s list includes Geniee from Japan, Purvi Capital from Chicago, and others including the existing ones. After the funding till date, the company is now worth valuable of more than Rs. 100 crore (1 billion).

According to the startup, the funding will be used to set up a physical location in the USA along the Southeast region. Also, they are planning to offer their service, extending to Japan and Southeast Asia. The firm is looking for utilizing the funds for marketing. With 30-member team, their planning also includes the increment of the team members by the year’s end. The company believes that there has been a 69 percent of revenue increase for the existing customers and claims to grow at the rate of 25 percent per month.

This SaaS-based model company is serving many brands; Rentlingo, Truth Theory, Awesome Cuisine, CircoViral, Grabhouse are some of the names amongst their 1332 reliable clients. Prior in 2014, it raised the seed funding of Rs 4 crore led by Kima Ventures; Paras Chopra, Founder of Wingify; Amit Ranjan, Slideshare co-founder; Jonathan Boutell, LinkedIn director of technology, Sachin Arora from Yahoo, and others.

The Bottom Line

The vision of the company is to keep the information of the world accessible freely for everyone. With Adpushup’s automatic and continuously optimizing platform, one can generate ads of higher viewability, leading to more clicks, and ultimately making more money.

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