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Friday , May 24 2024

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Email Tools Product Review- Volleyy

Email-Tools-Product-review- volleyy

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Newsletters are probably the best means to stay in touch with your customers and bring them back to your business. Also, email marketing is considered to be the best way to pull in customers for your products and services. Therefore, small and big business houses send regular emails to their subscribers to let them know everything new they are offered.

Volleyy is one of such emailing tools that can help you keep in touch with your customers. With amazing features and in-budget prices, this can be a perfect emailing partner for your business.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing policy of the application is as under:

Basic $0
Premium $1.0 per 100 subscribers per month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

volleyy-dashboardThe Volleyy Dashboard
The dashboard is the place where the application directs you when you subscribe to the product. It gives direct access to features such as Notes, Automation, Subscribers, Groups, and Settings.

You can also get started by composing your first note here.

volleyy-composingnotesProducing Notes
You can write new notes from the compose button on the dashboard. The button will direct to a full new window where you can write your notes. You can add details such as:

  • Title
  • Message
  • Call to Action- link URL/ Optional Link Name

You can preview of this email to see how it will look when it is published. You can publish your newly created email (Note) using the Publish button. The publish button only works when you have a list of one or more subscribers. You can also duplicate notes or delete drafts through the more options menu in the top right corner of the screen.

volleyy-emailautomationEmail Automation
You can use feeds to automatically send content from your website or blog every time you make changes. For this, you only need to click on the “Create Feed” button. The tool checks the site and shares the new content to your email recipients. The email schedule can be changed after you create the feed.

volleyy-managingthesubscribersManaging the Subscribers
You can get an overview of all your subscribers’ through the customer’s panel. This section of the application displays contacts under the following categories:

  • All Subscribers
  • Unsubscribed
  • Bounced, and
  • Signup Forms

The Signup forms make it easy for people to subscribe you. You can share a link to your signup form, or you can embed a sign-up form on your website to make it easy and convenient.

volleyy-subscribergroupsSubscriber Groups
This feature lets you create groups of contacts you wish to send an email to. This arrangement can be handy when there is a variety of content to share with people having different backgrounds.


You can immediately start working by clicking on the “Create Group” button on the top right corner of the screen.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is unavailable on mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iOS.


The application provides an embedded link to integrate with your website. It does not integrate with any other external platforms.


The application offers a complete support system to all its users including:

  • Feedback
  • Shortcuts and Hints

Pros and Cons of Volleyy


  • The interface is simple to use and understand.
  • Subscriber Groups makes it easy to maintain the workflow and filter out contacts.


  • Choice from the “more options” list can be brought directly as buttons on the screen for clear visibility and understanding the workflow.
  • Invisible buttons on the emails to duplicate and delete notes also does not directly appears in the vision of the users.


  • The subscriber groups help you streamline work more efficiently.
  • Category wise divisions make it easy to filter out needed contacts.

For more details, please visit Volleyy website.

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