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Friday , April 12 2024

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Email Tools Product Review- Abroadly

Email-Tools-Product-review- aboardly

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Email management is something every business is looking for, and for this, many online tools can make this task smooth. Abroadly is one of such tools that makes email automation simple and quick for you. The platform is incredibly simple to understand and use. Also, this can be a perfect emailing partner being extremely cost effective providing powerful emailing features.

Editions and Pricing

The application offers a 14 day free trial period and then a minimum price of $5 monthly. The yearly plan costs $4 per month paid annually.

Capabilities and Supporting set of Features

abroadly-dashboardThe Dashboard
The application takes you to your dashboard as soon as you sign up for the product. This place gives you direct access to links such as:

  • Activity
  • Automated Recipes
  • Email Templates
  • Events
  • Customers, and
  • Settings

The Activities section provides an overview of all the activities taking place in your account. The graphical representation shows the frequency of email sent and their activities involved in the past two weeks.

abroadly-recipes-and-triggers-helps-you-track-eventsRecipes and Triggers help you Track events
Recipes and triggers are one of the strongest features of Abroadly. They help you track the right events under a certain set of rules. You only need to provide details about which event you wish to track, time of its occurrence, and how many times it has occurred.

On the other hand, Triggers consists of variables such as- which email template to send, how long the email will be delayed for, etc. You can get started with recipes by creating them right from the Automated Recipes section.

abroadly-email-templates-saving-time Email Templates Saving Time
You can create your customized email templates to share messages. The application allows you to design your models. For this, you only need to fill up the template details such as:

  • Model Name
  • Title
  • Body
  • Style, etc.

Events are actions that your customers will make. These actions can be- sign up, logged in, add an item to the cart or added You could also create a new event from this section by clicking on the “Create New Event Button.”

abroadly-customersManage Customers
The part of the client in the dashboard gives you the facility to get an overview of our clients. You can also search their customers by typing in their email addresses.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is currently unavailable on mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iOS.


The application integrates seamlessly with external platforms such as:

  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Sendgrid
  • Segment
  • stackpile


Abroadly offers a strong support with an informative knowledge base. You can find every and any information about the application in this section. You can also directly contact the team by sending a direct message with details such as- your name, email, and body of the message. Users can also follow Abroadly on Twitter to get regular updates.

Pros and Cons of Aboardly


  • You can send an email to your rules. Different recipes help you to work the way you like to.
  • Personalized email templates convey messages, the way you want.
  • See detail user activities.


  • It would be great if the application could provide some pre-defined business templates that can be directly put to use without creating new ones from scratch.


The Silent mode: While in silent mode, recipes will be triggered, but new emails will not be delivered. This feature can be useful while importing existing users whom you don’t want to send onboarding emails.

For more details, please visit Abroadly website.

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