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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Email Tools Product Review – Clickhere

Email-Tools-Product-review- ClickhereEmail marketing is the oldest form of free marketing strategies. The advent of new methods of marketing like social media marketing and paid ads marketing could not rule out Email marketing, such is the power of a promotional email. It is important to make your emails innovative and impactful to encourage your customers to convert. Emails are an advantageous tool to increase your conversion rate and amass huge customer pool.

A startup named Clickhere which is a email software for small business very well understands the role and importance of emailers and also caters to the same cause. It provides various features to create graphic emails that describe your business services and products in a creative manner. If you are a SMB looking to boost up your email click-through rates, Clickhere is the appropriate tool for you.

Editions and Pricing

Clickhere offers a free trial to the users who want to acquire a taste for its services for 23 days after which a registered user has to opt for a paid plan.

Essential: This plan allows 25K impressions and for every additional 1000 impression a fee of $2 is required to be paid. This version provides basic analytics and email support. The price of this plan is $19/mo.

Professional: This plan allows 50K impressions and provides advanced analytics and email support. It costs $29/mo.

Corporate: This plan allows 250K impressions and provides advanced analytics and email + phone priority support.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

This tool provides a dashboard with centralized controls  to view and access your collection and add new collections. The features being offered by Clickhere are displayed on the dashboard with the option of viewing a video tutorial to learn how to operate the functions of Clickhere.


communication_email_clickhere_newcollectionAdd New Collection
This option lets the user create a new collection and add various elements in it. This creates a central repository for all the collection elements that are to be utilized in further steps.



communicatio_email_clickhere_newelementAdd New Element
Within each collection a user can add constituting elements to create email of customized graphics according to the user’s choice. A user can add a button, a countdown timer, a video overlay, rating, survey, personalized image, GIF animation and progress bar.



communication_email_clickhere_addbuttonAdding Button

This option lets you create custom buttons to suit your content theme. It has options to set color, font, size, height and width with the facility to set the shape of button as well. User can add button URL and sample button as well.


communication_email_clickhere_addtimerAdding Countdown Timer
This option lets the user create custom countdown timers. Three tabs namely, details, design and template contain various features to create this element. The details tab provides the option to set timer date, time, time zone and timer expired text. The design tab, lets the user design the appearance of the timer with color matching options and adjusting font size. The templates tab provides various ready to use templates for the timer.


communication_email_clickhere_addvideooverlayAdding Video Overlay
This option lets the user add video overlay with the option of customizing the appearance by setting up font, play icon color, border radius and overlay transparency on the design tab. User can upload video of his choice using upload functionality. The details tab lets the user embed video URL, title and subtitle.


communication_email_clickhere_addratingAdd Ratings
The features lets the user incorporate functionality to add rating facility to the collection. The design tab provides option to customize rating experience by choosing rating icon, icon color, description, text color and background color. The links tab lets you set up link for each option.


communication_email_clickhere_addsurveyAdding Survey
This option lets the user add a sample survey and customize its appearance. The design tab provides the option to set font, icon, option color, option icon color and background color. The details tab lets the user set option text and URL.


communication_email_clickhere_addimageAdding Personalized Image
Clickhere provides vibrant options to create personalized images with custom content. This feature provides the option to upload an image and setup text, font, alignment, color, shadow, blur etc.


communication_email_clickhere_copycodeThe features of adding GIF animation and progress bar are soon to be launched. To incorporate the designed elements simply obtain code and embed into your mailing content.



communication_email_clickhere_analyticsClickhere also allows its users to check the analytics related to every element and also cumulatively to give a summary of impressions for various collections.



A user can also view statistics related to his account on Clickhere with the summary of impressions allowed, impressions remaining and the option to change the Clickhere plan.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the tool doesn’t offer mobile apps.


Clickhere works with any email provider as long as they allow HTML emails. Some common ones being MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft etc.


Support for Clickhere is easily provided by its team by creating ticket in main and viewing supporting tutorials to work with the tool.

Pros and Cons of Clickhere


  • Simple way to create custom content and graphics.
  • Eliminates the need to learn code to incorporate elements in mail.
  • Allows easy upload of video and images for background.
  • Includes countdown timers and surveys.


  • More features could be incorporated.
  • Less number of impressions allowed in free trial

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Clickhere clearly differentiates with rest of such tools by the features it provides ad the extent of customization it allows. This tool makes it very easy to add video overlays and ratings which usually users fumble with. It decreases the efforts one needs to put in designing features for one’s mail and if you are a SMB, this tool will save a huge amount of time for you.

For more details, please visit: Clickhere website .

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