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Monday , April 15 2024

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How Unify became successful in competent IT market

How-Unify-became-successful-in-competent-IT-marketThere is a lot that can be learned from the success of startups, as not many of them survive in this highly competitive market. These success stories help figure out the aspects that should be emphasized while erecting a successful business empire originating from a startup. Unify is one such product that has witnessed massive support before being completely launched. It is under development as we speak and is offering a chance to gain early access to its features though its site.

What is Unify?

Unify is an intuitive tool that cumulates the social analytics on a single platform and allows its users to keep track of their position on social platforms using this outlet.

It links social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn which largely contributes to digital marketing. Keeping a check of your business on each of these individually becomes a hectic task and so Unify has stepped up to create an innovative solution for it.

How they came up with Unify?

The buzzing minds behind Unify did not have a moment of sudden revelation that they should make a product which serves such needs. They learned it the hard way: by trial and error. While working for their previous company they were faced with erratic marketing with many glitches that did not provide any answers. They could not track their progress through social media and were unaware about the amount of efforts that were put in or which were required to be invested. Though they had many tools to manage such marketing but these tools did not let them figure out the correct audience for them which in turn resulted in declined ROI.

Core Idea

Faced with this obstacle, they put the cogs in motion for developing a tool which would make this process a lot easier than it is and also in the right direction. They are aiming to build a platform where the system will select your audience based on the type of business and other key inputs, link all the social accounts and provide innovating insights about how much popularity your business is gaining. It focuses on a business to increase its popularity by measuring actions and not pageviews. It claims to be a marketing intelligence tool to lessen the burden without diving into the depths of writing code. It also keeps a tab on your business competitors and provides clues to build a smarter strategy than them.

Learnings from Unify

Though Unify is in initial phase and cannot be considered in parallel with other startups but even then, the support it has gained is indicative of its success. They too faced a lot of sticky points but their oncoming project is most awaited. Their crucial evaluation of market needs and innovative thinking has cleared a pathway for them. We can learn the following things from their journey:-

  • Every cloud has silver lining. Analyze your hurdles, something positive can be achieved from it.
  • Evaluate the profundity of your service or solutions. Are others facing the same need as you do?
  • Develop a tool for which a need exists. It is easier to develop a tool than to develop a market for a tool.
  • Don’t wait for the launch of the product to create a hype. Gather supports and customers before that so you have a head start.
  • Don’t be a one-time solution, instead drive value to clients and more clients over time.

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