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Sunday , March 3 2024

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Marketing and Sales Tools for startups Product Review- Engagemaster

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review-EngagemasterEngagemaster is a marketing & sales tool for startup also cloud-based software that helps businesses engage with their customers better by establishing a communication through live chat. It has some useful features that can be used to understand your audience’s behavior and demography.

Engagemaster lets you monitor your website’s traffic by providing real time analytics. It provides a detailed visitor profile and a complete overview of their engagement with your site. This information can be useful in targeting the right audience and making more personalized offers. You can pull your visitors back before they leave by making personalized offers and also receive their feedback.

Editions and Pricing

The app is currently in beta and is available for a free trial.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Engagemaster_campaignRun Campaigns
You can run intelligent campaigns which can sort out visitors on the basis of their interests and demography. You can select the option from campaign management section to form widgets for newsletter, blog subscription or feedback surveys which are triggered according to audience behavior.



Engagemaster_LivechatLive Chat
Engagemaster allows you to engage with your visitors personally via live chat. It allows you to immediately answer their queries and doubts and bring them a step closer to be convert into leads. Your conversations will be stored in chat history which you can browse through any time you need.



Engagemaster_offlineMessagesOffline messages
You can keep in touch with your customers even when you are not available to attend them. Visitors can just leave a message in the chat widget where they can share their email address and a brief introduction. You can easily read the message afterwards and respond to them.



Engagemaster allows you to customize the chat widget to make it consistent with your website. It has various options to configure the chat widget. You can change the chat mode to proactive or reactive in accordance with whether or not you want the chat session to start automatically. You can select the target audience to which the chat message will be shown on the basis of their country, city, visits count, current page etc. There are options to change the colors of the widget and text displayed in the welcome message. You can also configure the post chat box where you can ask the visitor to rate the chat experience and offer to send them a copy of the conversation.


Engagemaster_RealTimeAnalyticsReal Time Analytics
You can get real time analytics about a visitor’s engagement with the site. You can easily analyze their demography, sources, pages visited, number of visits, reason of visiting etc.



Mobile Accessibility

Engagemaster also has Android and iPhone applications so you can stay in touch with your website visitors anytime, anywhere.


The tool does not integrate with other tools.


Currently the tool does’ nt provide any support.

Pros and Cons of Engagemaster


  • Provides real time analytics so that you can have better insights into customer behavior.
  • Provides options for customization of chat widget.
  • Mobile apps are available.


  • No options for audio or video chat.

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EnggeMaster lets you implement an inbound marketing strategy by giving you the ability to make personalized offers to targeted audience. A useful tool for providing better customer support so that you can turn your visitors into leads.

For more details, please visit: Engagemaster website.

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