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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Email Tools Product Review- Pepipost

Email-Tools-Product-review- pepipostAmong the numerous ways of communication emerged so far, Email has successfully secured its place without varying the usability for business. Emails are being used enormously by business decision makers, since it has the same effectiveness and capabilities as it had before to move the business forward.

Pepipost is a cloud based email software for small business is a tool for everything you need to do with Emails whether it is running a campaign or possess secure transactions.The tool is reliable when it comes to security and scalable when it comes to small business or startups convenience. It keeps spam away from the users.

Editions and Pricing

Pepipost presents the pricing model in an innovative way, it lets you decide how much you want to pay and lets you know what you will get for that cost. The pricing starts from $1 for 5000 Emails and the emails that are opened by customers are free of cost. Surprisingly, you can customize the plan with your budget and the best thing is that you will get charged only for those emails which are not opened or remained unread.

The free plan for startups is also available by which they can send 25000 emails each month and the plan will remain free of cost to them. Get a kickstart!

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The dashboard provides every single report in the graphical presentation for a quick view. It consists of mail summary, user summary, reputation meter etc. The coolest thing is the colors used for presentation of the email status.


The tool lets you take a look at all the email details and status in the live feed section. You can check the log details and get the downloadable report as well.


product_review_pepipost_create_templatesCreate Templates
The tool makes it easier to send emails in bulk by letting you create templates. It offers a variety of options to make captivating templates that can be used for sending emails.


With the analytics facility, you can see an insightful report on the campaign. You can use advanced filter to see if emails get opened or dropped by the customers.



The tool helps you with customize campaign using a calendar. The calendar lets you set an event or see reports within a range, right from the dashboard.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not offer mobile apps currently, but it can be accessed through mobile browsing.


The tool integrates with a few tools and caters API facilities for the integrations. It is tightly integrated with PayPal.


The tool provides great support to the users via online live chat, knowledge base, and FAQs.  It helps you to create API integrations and for coding.

Pros and Cons of Pepipost


  • Color coded dashboard that looks understandable in a quick view.
  • Suppression facility- User can blacklist or whitelist Email Ids.
  • Tag wise stats, ISP wise data, and reputation meter are added features.
  • Cost effective- Customizable and affordable pricing model.


  • No templates available by default, users have to create one to get started.

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Pepipost is a must have tool for the marketers. Although several other tools perform similar actions, but Pepipost differentiates itself to the upper class. The tool has the capabilities of reaching the customer’s inbox in a blink of an eye. It provides real time analytics and aimed to serve startups and small business to run email campaigns efficiently.

Email tracking and great API facility to choose between HTTP and SMTP are stand out features of the mighty tool.

For more details, please visit: Pepipost website.

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