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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Email Tools Product Review- Shift

Email-Tools-Product-review- shiftYou can see Top 10 Email Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Email Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

The shift is a many-in-one platform that helps you to work with your multiple accounts. Now access your emails, calendars and drives right at one place without switching between tabs. This fantastic product makes your everyday work seamless and quick. With the shift, you can add multiple email accounts and cooperate with them in a single window.

Desktop notifications of the product keep you informed about the activities that occur inside your inbox. The shift can be a perfect email partner for you saving a lot of time and efforts that can be used for another productive business activities.

Editions and Pricing

The versions and pricing details of the application are as under:

Basic $0
Shift Pro $19.99
Team Customized Plan

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Shift-EmpowerTheGmailEmpower your Gmail experience
Shift makes it easy to access multiple account right at one place.

It easily integrates and brings together your emails, Calendars and Drive accounts. This makes you more productive efficiently using your time.

Shift-DeclutteringDesktopDe-cluttering the Desktop
The shift is an efficient solution to keep your workspace clean. It is a good solution to your multiple browser, incognito, tab and logging in and logging out process. Now you can access Calendar, Gmail, and Drive for all your accounts without any mess.

Shift-KeepsYouUpdatedKeeps you Updated
The native desktop notifications make sure you know everything that is going on your desktop. The tool sends instant and real- time notifications right to your desktop. You can also customize the notification settings to get the reminders you need and the ones you don’t.

Shift-WorkWithMultipleAccountsWorking With Multiple Accounts
You can add and work with more than one accounts at a time.

For this, you simply need to click on the “+” button on the left panel, select the one options and instantly get started adding a new account.

Shift-ChangeAccountSettingsChange Accounts Settings
Make the tool look the way you like. You can make changes to the settings tab from the left menu. You can modify the trey options, functionality, proxy server settings or even the account color to make it more friendly.


Available on All Platforms
No matter what platform you are using, Shift can be found on any and every platform you use. Right from Windows, Linux, to Mac systems. So now you now no longer have to worry about using a different platform.

Mobile Accessibility

The shift is currently unavailable on mobile devices, however, can be accessed via the mobile web.


Shift integrates with platforms such as Google Calendar, Email and Google Drive.


  • You can share feedback about your experience with Shift.
  • If face an issue that the team can resolve for you, you can also report a bug by clicking on the icon on the left icon trey.
  • The tool also lets you share your queries through its contact us page with a FAX section.

Pros and Cons of Shift


  • Better management of multiple email accounts.
  • You now no longer need to check each account multiple times during your work hours.
  • Better management of digital filing system.


  • The tool lacks features for inbuilt email templates.
  • Automatic system generated emails can also be used to save efforts for similar business replies.


  • Desktop notifications and multiple account integration capabilities.

For more details, please visit Shift website.

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