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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Importance of Trigger Emails

Business communication has changed significantly over the past decade with the help of technology. Businesses are now looking for new opportunities to get connected with the people and in the minimum efforts of their team.  One of the ways that have emerged in the marketing domain is the use of Triggered emails.

Triggered emails are the automated emails that are received by the customers when they take a certain action. In fact, it has been proved that the triggered emails generate four times revenue and almost 18 times greater profit for the businesses than regular emails could ever do.

But let us first understand what a Triggered Email is…?

A triggered email is a behavioural email or a transactional email that is sent automatically to the recipient on the occurrence of an event. For example, a triggered email is sent to a recipient if he or she leaves an item in the cart and does not buy it. These emails are then sent to improve the business to customer communication.

The triggered emails are different from the regular promotional emails in a way such that they are delivered directly to an individual customer. Also, the triggered emails are different from the usual promotional emails as these are delivered automatically to an individual customer. Here are some of the most common uses of triggered emails.

  • To share updates in changes in product pricing
  • Reminders about the shopping cart
  • Subscription ending/ renewal reminders
  • Travel Updates
  • Event Updates
  • Welcome emails
  • Emails that share steps to complete a task

Importance of Triggered Emails

Triggered emails have become an important part of marketing. The most obvious reason is their perfect timings, and they are highly relevant to the customer. At the same time, automating the emails will save you a lot of time. It is evident that the triggered emails help a business generate high revenue and an estimated number of 18% greater profit than the regular emails. Some of the benefits of the triggered emails include:

  • Timely and Consistent Communication: Triggered emails makes it easy for businesses to keep up with their customers. This makes it easy for them to develop trust and boost the overall business credibility.
  • Meets Customer Expectations: These emails have become expectations for many customers. For instance, they expect these emails if they have made a purchase, booked a hotel room, or have subscribed to a newsletter. The customers perceive them as confirmation emails and develop trust among them.
  • Improves the Click-through Rates: One of the best parts of these emails are, they have a relatively high click-through rate as compared to the non-triggered emails.
  • High Rate of Conversion: Triggered emails have the special power to increase the rate of conversion for the business. These emails can reduce the situations where the cart is abandoned by the customers. The triggered emails are also dedicated to offering immediate engagement with the customers. In addition, these emails provide a step by step call to action.
  • Highly Relevant: Many marketing emails that are shared by the businesses remain unopened as they are non-relevant to the customers, or people have no interest to open them. This happens comparatively less in the case of the triggered emails, as these emails encourage the users to take a specific action.
  • Easy to schedule: It is very easy and quick to create triggered emails with the help of marketing software. This only requires defining the trigger on which you need to send the email. The email is automatically shared with the customers on the occurrence of this trigger.
  • Increases Customer Retention: Triggered emails keep the communication lines open between you and your customers. These emails efficiently convey personal messages and respond promptly to customer actions.

What are the Types of Triggered Emails?

Triggered emails can be of different types depending on the purpose they have to solve. This can also help you determine which type of email is right for your business. The categories defined below will guide you to determine what purpose do you want to serve.

  • Welcome: This email is sent to a customer when they sign up or create an account on your business website or subscribe to a newsletter. These emails should include news readings, some introductory information, and a Call to Action (CTA).
  • Remarketing: Emails that are sent to the customers when they leave items in their shopping cart. These are reminders to them and encourage them to place their orders in a highly convincing way. These emails are said to be powerful revenue generators for the business.
  • Reactivation: These triggered emails are sent to the customers who have not shown engagement with your emails or the business for a long time. These emails serve as a reminder to them and encourage them to come back to the business.
  • Account Notifications: Any changes or updates made in the user’s accounts are immediately shared by the business in their inbox. These changes can be anything from a change of password or username as well. If the user of the account did not make any changes, these emails will let the user know about the changes right away and resolve any issues at the earliest.  
  • Transactional: Any event that is occurred related to financial transactions such as confirmation of the purchases, shipments, bookings, refunds, and returns are shared with these emails.
  • Personal Events: Emails that convey messages such as anniversaries, birthdays, or shopping milestones. These emails can contain gift cards or coupons that help in further business promotion.

The success of the Triggered Emails

Triggered emails can be powerful business drivers only when they are successful and help you to accomplish your goals. For this, your triggered emails must share highly valuable content for the customer. It is also important that these emails solve a problem or answer a question. Have a goal and use your data carefully to reach your business goals.

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