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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Am I Paying more for Salesforce?

Salesforce and Zoho CRM are some of the most popular and widely used customer relationship management applications across the industries. These tools are also used by small companies along with larger firms. However, the small and mid-sized companies believe that Salesforce is highly expensive as compared to many of the other CRM tools which are used by small and mid-sized businesses.

Is it really expensive?

Well, it depends. The cost of the CRM system highly depends on what you really want from it. If you only want the contact management for a small group, then you must go for Salesforce Essentials. It is the lowest priced product at $25 per user per month for ten users. This cost is perfectly fine to give for a small and medium-sized company.  Other CRM tools process more or less the same.

Salesforce used in the small and mid-sized companies majorly aims to meet the contact management tasks for the businesses. The tool is used to have a solid, accurate, and complete database of the contacts as well as the companies that are associated with your business.

The Professional Version

As you need to level up a little, Salesforce can get a little pricier. The price of its professional version is $75 per month per user. This version is almost similar to the features provided by Zoho CRM, where the pricing can be just half.

Even in the professional version of ZOHO CRM, the user misses the more advanced features such as unlimited customizations, workflows and automation, and full permissions. So if you are a small business that desires all those things, then you are going to have to pay a big amount to Salesforce.

The Enterprise version

To get all the high-end features you want to use from Salesforce, it is recommended that you use the enterprise version. This version is claimed to be one of the most popular versions of the tool and is used by many business houses. This version is priced at $150 per month per user, giving you all the features that you need.

Additional Costs

Apart from the standard versions provided, there are some other considerations that impact a user’s Salesforce pricing. Thee may include the add-ins for marketing, services and integrations, and some of the other applications such as accounting and extra monthly fees. In addition, you might also have to pay some storage costs on the basis of usage. You can also outsource your implementation to a team in India as the Salesforce implementation partner who can charge you a high fee.

The best thing about Salesforce is, you get what you pay for. It has gained the largest market share so far. Every business that has implemented and used Salesforce is happy with its services. In addition, Salesforce has a highly dedicated community and a dedicated network of highly experienced and dedicated partners. There are a large number of online training resources and tools that you can use and a large number of products that will integrate with these tools.

Again, you get what you pay for. Salesforce is clearly a great solution for big companies, especially when these companies big and are able to dedicate a large number of resources.

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