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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Client Management Software For Small Business For 2021

The term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) means providing a more structured approach towards creating, organizing and maintaining a cordial and profitable relationship with the consumers. It gives a proper system to carefully examine and keep a regular track of every communication that happened between the organization and its customers and clients.

Here are the top 10 Client Management Software For Small Business that is carefully shortlisted based on their features, capabilities, reliability and other related factors.

Hub Spot

Hub Spot is a CRM software that is specially created for those enterprises that do not want to spend more time in logging data. Through this software, they can centralize all their actions and accordingly put all their data at one central, customizable database. Presently Hub Spot is considered to be one of the leading growth platforms for all kinds of business enterprises.


Sales Force assists you to connect with your prospective customers through sales, customer service, advertising and promotion activities, small businesses, apps, analytics, and many more.  Its cloud-computing model allows you to customize your CRM resolutions and accordingly scale them in order to address the demand of the small, medium, and emerging businesses in their development stage.

Fresh Desk

Fresh Desk is a very powerful tool that offers an influential solution for customer service. It unifies all the conversations received via emails, chats, telephone, web, or any other social channels and accordingly helps in resolving any issue or query through different channels without any difficulty. Fresh Desk also allows its users to automate their workflow management system, thereby serving the most suitable self service options, managing the service level agreement (SLA) and generating reports.

Net Suite

Net Suite provides complete information about each and every customer of a company. The best part about this software is that it helps to collect consistent information about the customers regardless of the stage of their lifecycle. It also offers in-depth knowledge and close insights about customers and their purchasing patterns continuously.

Pipe Drive

Pipe Drive tool is most suitable specifically for small and medium sized business enterprises. It pictures the prospective sales channel and helps in making sure that all the essential business activities are carried in a productive and systematic manner. It is one of the most preferred CRM tools by the Sales individuals as it is effortless to use and very intuitive at the same time.

Zoho CRM

ZOHO is created to invite, preserve and please the prospective customers to enhance and develop their business. The fundamental of Zoho is not just confined to lead and contact management, but it also deals with the proper administration of sales and purchase control. All these features are bundled up together and positioned on a refurbished and a user friendly interface of Zoho.

Creatio CRM

Creatio comes with a unique feature that combines consumer data with business process management tools. It helps in coordinating all the sales, marketing, and customer support activities of an organization. Besides, it also helps in automating all the customer support activities of an organization.


vCita is a cloud based Customer Management tool that helps in managing all the contacts, consumers, and different business processes. It is loaded with some powerful features like the generation of leads, email marketing, management of all the clients, scheduling and maintenance of online calendar and billing and invoicing, and team work and communication.

Pipeline Deals  

A user friendly CRM tools Pipeline Deals is another one of the most popular tools that are specially designed for small and medium sized enterprises. Its engaging dashboard provides a complete view of all the sales activities and performance of any enterprise. Besides, its solution’s dashboard is highly flexible as it can be customized as per the user’s requirement.


Another Robust software that allows text messaging to its customers is Avachato. It helps in conducting the sales, marketing, and customer support activities in an efficient manner. It allows its users to make personalized interaction with any of its customers.

In conclusion, we expect that our small guide and a list of top 10 most popular CRM marketing software solutions helped you get a better idea of the type of platform you could select in order to handle your email campaign effectively.


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