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Friday , April 12 2024

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Best CRM software solution product review- Parserr

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Parserr is one of the best CRM software solution is an application that works out of the box. If you are an organization which communicated with its clients and customers via emails, Parserr is all you need. The intelligently designed application can parse your emails and help you dig out all the critical data you need. This application can be a perfect CRM tool for your business saving lot more time helping you to invest it into more productive business activities.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing policies of the application are as discussed below:

Free Free 20 emails/ month with 10 documents or email attachments/ month and 1 inbox
Personal $22.99 450 emails/ month with 250 documents or email attachments/ month and 10 inboxes
Growth $49.99 2500 emails/ month with 1000 documents or email attachments/ month and 30 inboxes.
Business $199.99 10,000 emails/ month with 6000 documents or email attachments and 100 inboxes.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The Dashboard: The application directs you the dashboard when you sign up with Parserr. Here you can see all the email conversation you had including the initial one. You can get started with the application by formulating your rules and defining which part of the emails you want to parse and which system you want to parse into.

Defining the Rules: Choose and define your own rules when you get started. Follow simple steps and select the email attribute you would like to extract data from. Once you create a rule, it gets listed in the rules dictionary of the application. You can later edit or delete these rules as and when required.

Managing the Incoming Emails: The Incoming Emails features displays a list of all the emails Parserr have received. The list contains details such as:

  • Sender’s email address
  • Subject
  • Sent Date
  • Parsed Status
  • Webhooks, etc.

The section also allows you to select one or more emails and parse them manually right here.

Downloading the Parsed Data: Once the data from the email is parsed, you can download it to keep a personal record or use it further. The “Action” option from the application lets you select the format, time frames from which to select the emails, and fields needed to be included to download data.

External Integrations

Zapier: You can send this parsed data anywhere you want- Salesforce, Box, or Google Sheets. The best thing about it is, it has free plans.

Mobile Accessibility

Parserr is currently unavailable on mobile platforms and devices.


  • Although the application is quite simple to use, it offers a 24*7 email support for all its users.
  • Parserr also guides through as you set up your account initially.
  • Regular emails keeps you updated and on the track as you move on working with Parserr.

Pros and Cons


  • Customized rules to parse data.
  • Easy extraction and downloading of data in to Excel sheets.


  • Integrations with email service such as Gmail can help pull in important email conversation faster.

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Key Differentiators

  • Quick downloaded parsd data.
  • Flexible pricing plans suitable for all business sizes.

For more details, please visit the Parserr website.

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