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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Top marketing and sales tools product review- Chaterbox

Marketing-and-sales tools-product- review-chaterboxWeb sites where provides useful service to the audience regarding a work field, it is also responsible for keeping healthy relationships with them. The support you provide through the website interface molds that relationship. So, are you able to connect and interact with your website visitors with increasing sales? Yes, Chaterbox app is a top marketing & sales tool which caters communication service along with enhancing sales performance. The platform provides functionalities like online chat, callback and lead generator that helps you doubling the conversion rate.

Chaterbox is also a free online marketing tool contains widgets including live chat and personal communication tools. Using these tools, you can manage your customers and sales because the app uses the combination of callback and chat for boosting the sales. Moreover, this in-site widget sends invoices to the website applications. You can make a call to the customer with regular call or chat and Skype for fast and familiar communication status.

Editions and Pricing

Free $0/month Up to 500 users/month 1 website
Messenger $20/month Up to 3000 users/month Unlimited websites
Pro $49/month Up to 600 users/month Unlimited websites
Chartered Pro $89/month Up to 3000 users/month Unlimited websites

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features



Widgets consist code from the app to your website platform. Paste it and start using chat features. Moreover, app settings here allow you to place customized message texts including invitation message, email request text and call back text. You can set answer time for a callback.



It directs a user to the web application, which helps you communicate with your website visitors. Here, in the left panel, you can track the number of messages or calls that are assigned to you, waiting for the answer, and missed calls.



Team members can handle the messages and call requests of the customers effectively with Chaterbox. You can manage the team by adding or deleting team members associated with any website you are leveraging Chaterbox for.


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Mobile Accessibility

The app going to offer mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.


Chaterbox does not provide integration with any other.


The app offers email and online support.

Pros and Cons of Chaterbox


  1. Auto messages and ready messages.
  2. Instant callback.
  3. Regular calling tools are available.
  4. Visitors can choose amongst the website team members and vice versa for communication.


  1. Integration with social apps could have done.


  1. Free widget of the instant
  2. Easy live chat interface.


For more details, please visit Chaterbox.

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