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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Online hr software product review- sumHR

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sumHR is one of the best online hr software that makes the work of Human Resource Management a much simple task. The application is developed after rigorous brainstorming about the in trending ways to better manage this process. The main elements that are focused on developing sumHR were employer brand, company growth, and employee strength.

Loaded with tonnes of advanced features, the application takes care of your Payroll, Employee Performance, Attendance, Leaves, Reimbursements, and other HR analytics.

Editions and Pricing

sumHR is an application that offers a 7-day free trial to all its users. For the paid plans, it charges, $49 per employee per month.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Payroll: The application offers a number of features to work on your payroll system. With this features, you can efficiently do the payroll management and manage the employee salary, income tax & deductions, payroll processing, developing full and final statements, MIS reports and Asset Management, Loan Advances and Bonus Calculations, Profession Tax and LWF, as well as Provident Fund and ESIC.

Measuring the Performance: The application helps to develop and manage less complicated performance reviews for the employees. Here you can easily set reminders for quarterly/ half yearly and yearly reviews. The application also lets every reviewee to view their results by a performance graph which will also provide their final rating for the period.

Managing Attendance: sumHR lets you create and manage shifts, track every employee check in and check out time, define attendance policies, keep a record of work from home time slots, duty attendance, etc. The application provides separate features for every aspect of Human Resource Management.

Better Manage your Leaves: It become a lot more difficult to manage leaves via emails- saving threads, managing them and maintain them can be an irritation. To make this process more flexible, sumHR lets you create and manage leave policies, track leaves for all your employees, decide the application workflows, and do much more.

Managing your Reimbursements: With sumHR employees can apply and keep a record of their reimbursements. The application even allows the managers to view every reporter’s request even without having access for approval. This feature makes reimbursement system easier to manage.   

Analytics: The insightful dashboard and advanced analytics systems help to keep you informed. The feature provides you with comprehensive analytic data that helps the HR teams and the management make important decisions that are based on real insights. This new feature is powered by a powerful dashboard for the employees, managers and administrators. With this feature, the employees can view their stats, analytics and detailed insights based on their role in the organization with the sumHR software.

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External Integrations

The application currently does not integrate with any other platforms.

Mobile Accessibility

sumHR can be accessed on any mobile platform or devices. The handy application keeps on the track wherever you are.


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Pros and Cons


  • Extensive features never let you switch to a different tool.
  • Simple to work with.


  • The application still lacks appraisal management feature.
  • The application is still unavailable on Windows and Macintosh- only working as a web app.

Key Differentiators

  • Advance feature such as reimbursement management. features.
  • Employees can import data from Linkedin.

For more details, please visit the sumHR website.

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