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Friday , May 24 2024

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Best CRM Tool for startup Product Review – NetHunt CRM

CRM-Tools-Product-review-NethuntCRMWith enhancements in business, the client network also grows correspondingly. And this makes it complicated to manage collaboration in between a company and customers. NetHunt CRM offers a convenient solution for it, which is based on the largest email service- Gmail.

NetHunt is one of the best CRM software for Gmail and Google apps that transforms the Gmail into Smart Inbox. It is a versatile and affordable solution for any industry from small businesses to large enterprises. The tool saves time, resources and efforts of the user by serving the same platform for Gmail as well as for CRM. Make records fast and manage them faster using its customized solution.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Pricing Number of Users
Small Business $25 per month 5
Growing Business $500 per month 25 – 500

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

NetHunt_CRM_Business_RecordsBusiness Records
Here records are the content like emails, tasks, files, which live within a folder made by NetHunt CRM. From a business deal to customer support case, a user will decide which information is worth recording;. A one click can create a record. And its destination will be anyone of the built folders, chosen by the user.



NetHunt_CRM_Preset_or_customized_folderPreset or Customized Folder
All the data in NetHunt CRM is stored as records under folders. The app has readymade folders known as Presets; including – Sales, Support, Retail, and more formats. It even allows a user to create brand new ones consisting own entities. The content of any folder is modifiable and can be shared with other members to make it accessible for them too.


Views are the quick overview of records. NetHunt CRM provides custom Grouping of Records by fields, using which a user can save a view as per requirement. Later on, make this view private or share with others. Views associated with each folder is directly accessible by making it visible in the left panel of Gmail.



NetHunt_CRM_Email_Follow-UpsEmail Follow-Ups
NetHunt CRM transforms an email into a to-do list by using Follow-ups. Simply follow up any record by assigning a flag to it along with the day/date to complete it. The user can allow any color flag to any record, according to its type. It creates an easy-to-understand list of all the follow-ups in a single window. The monitoring option has two counter where red bar indicates overdue tasks and green bar tells the number of today’ s follow-ups.




NetHunt_CRM_Email_360-Degree_ViewEmail 360-Degree View
By NetHunt CRM, share a record to other person collecting all the details. And every detail is customized so that it can be modified anytime by the user be it a sender or a receiver. The impact is dynamic.





NetHunt_CRM_Mass_MailingMass Mailing
Using NetHunt CRM the user can perform a powerful mail merge in Gmail. It helps in easy extraction of email addresses from records to send a single email to multiple recipients; and track who has opened it. Save the list for sending important emails, announcements, newsletters for the clients.


Mobile Accessibility

Besides Web platform, NetHunt CRM seamlessly can work on mobile platforms because of its mobile apps.


The tool is available with combinations of Gmail and Streak.


The app provides FAQs associated with NetHunt CRM. Other than this, users can send an email too for their concerned queries.

Pros and Cons of NetHunt


  • Manages the working hours and emails.
  • Every entity is Customizable.
  • Directly link an email to record as per Filter Rule.
  • Changes made in the fields reflects associated record instantly
  • The tool displays work history.


  • Functionality is a bit confusing and not user-friendly.

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The Smart Inbox including color code emails, faster navigation, views and groups, mass emails are some of the features that make it differentiable.

For more details, please visit NetHunt CRM website.

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