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Monday , May 27 2024

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HR Tools Product Review- Hivy

HR-Tools-Product-review- HivyOffice Management usually has been a messy task and a complicated one too. It is vital to have a seamless workflow so to turn the inputs assets into growth measures in an organization. Why not start with the employees of the company since they are the most invaluable assets to run a business. Get smooth office workflow with happy employees using a human resource managment softaware Hivy.

Users can make requests for their need through the app to the manager or admin. The Office Manager looks after the requests of every employee and fulfills it before the deadline. He can assign the request to the person in charge of the task. For each task, the tool also offers activity history associated with it. Hive makes a user centralize all demands, organize them and follow them.

Editions and Pricing

Starter $26 per month 1 admin Up to 50 users
Premium $89 per month 3 admins Up to 150 users
Enterprise $179 per month 5 admins Up to 300 users
Unlimited Contact Team

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Hivy_All_in_one_BoardAll-In-One Board
The Board is the main screen of Hivy where you can see 3 different blocks named – Pending, Accepted, and Done. They show the similar functionality as per their names. User discovers requests from others in Pending section, approved requests get a place in Accepted section and completed ones in Done section. The categorized crisp view offers a glance of recent requests and saves a lot of user’s time.


Hivy_Customized_LayoutCustomized Layout
You can add or remove any category or product present in the catalog. The user takes care of the complete management of products and services. Customize the app layout by choosing the interface color of your choice, decide product picture via browser and set background colors.




Hivy_Personalized_labelsPersonalized Labels
Labels are a great way to categorize tasks or events. In Hivy, create your own labels for your better understanding and set them against each request to prioritize them for quick access. For instance, label ‘urgent’ the required requests so that to make faster decisions over them. You can identify them by their color, choose your different color code for each of the labels.


Get results that you want to see. Using filters extract outputs based on dates, categories, labels and more. For desired requests make a right use of filters.




The analytics displays the consolidated information in a single frame about all the requests per week, month or year by categories. Here, you will be able to track the top 5 requests, requesters, and categories. With the help of analytical report, you can understand the needs of the company, which in return results in smooth office management workflow.


Mobile Accessibility

The app is available as an iPhone app for mobile platforms. Note that Android app is coming.


Hivy offers integration with Slack.


For getting help, you can explore FAQ and for more support, you can send an email.

Pros and Cons of Hivy


  • Simple and bright interface.
  • The app allows exporting requests data.
  • Color code for better engagement.


  • Product addition takes a quite long time.
  • App offers Due date entry but not for time.

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The office tasks were never so seamless as they are in Hivy. The unique tool Hivy is a light and cool app to make all work of office efficient, offering more time and productivity to the employees.

For more details, please visit Hivy website.

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